Tommy Summersbee is an average male teenager, usually what people would expect out of people like him.

Tommy fell into the underground with Emily to try and get Amanda and her friendship pact out, ultimately failing. Tommy refused to exit the underground, and explored it, eventually becoming a resident. He usually camps out in a temp in Waterfall. He wears a t-shirt and sports pants.

Tommy really enjoys interacting with others. It helps him with his insecurities and past struggles. Tommy tries desperately for friends, but hasn't made many, desptie his love for interaction. He has yet to be in any relationship, but he has a crush on Emily.

He has a widely varying personality, usually excited when encountering new enemies. When he gets to know the person, he usually seems much calmer and approachable. If someone happens to get on his bad side, that's when he takes after his sister, Amanda, being extremely rude and what some call "salty".


Amanda (sister)

Emily (friend/love interest)




"Hey, what's that there?"

"Do you NOT have weaponry?"

"Where's yer intelligence at? Clearly, you've lost it."

"Wow, you're more idiotic than I thought."

"That sort of thing only happens in the movies."

"E-Emily...? W-Why'd you ask about her?"

"Y'know what? Bugger this."

"You've got to be kidding me. Like, seriously."

"I would facedesk right now, but there is a lack of desk."


Amanda is a seemingly average teenage girl, but her personality definitely shows otherwise.

Amanda fell into the underground during a friendship pact act. She usually doesn't like opening up about herself to others, and usually stays silent. She wears a blue trenchcoat and a necklace with a large gold medallion.

She usually cops a major attitude at the many people she encounters. She calls them "a distraction to her ultimate goal". As she cares for Tommy the best she can, she looks for ways to get back to the surface. She hasn't forgotten about her friendship pact, however, and refuses to return without them.


Tommy (brother)

Emily (enemy)



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