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The Under Games is an AU made by Golden Forge on January the 1st, 2017. This AU is meant to be a clever Undertale-take on the Dystopian novel known as The Hunger Games. In this AU, the Monsters had signed a peace treaty with the Humans, and caused an annual event known as the Under Games to be held each year.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

The two races had signed a peace treaty to prevent further combat.

Every year, 2 Monsters from each region is to be sent to fight in the Under Games.

All but one tribute dies, and the sole survivor is declared the victor.

In The Under Games, Monsters and Humans went into War mainly over civil issues rather than criminal or power issues. In the end, Monsters had surrendered, and a peace treaty was signed. Trade was to be maintained between the two nations/races, and certain subspecies such as Inpyres were to only be in specific Districts, but Humans wanted some extra incentive. This resulted in the formation of the Under Games.

Every year, two Monsters (One Male, one Female), are to be sent from each District to the capital of the Humans (Primum Castellum), so they can be prepped for the Under Games. They must fight for supplies, fight to kill each other, and be able to avoid traps/events set by the Humans. The last survivor is victorious, and deemed successful for life. However, this process has been aggravating the Monsters... who knows what may happen if the Humans go any farther?


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Settings and Locations

Human Territory

Primum Castellum: The Capitol of the Humans, Primum Castellum is a prosperous city where nearly everyone is rich to the point of buying pointless items. This is where the Government of the Humans stands, and it is also where the celebrations for the Under Games take place. It is mostly inaccessible by Monsters, except for when Tributes actually arrive.

Ramsington Palace: This is the Palace where the President of the Humans lives, and where most of he states most of his orders and actions. It is very clearly filled to the brim with money and luxuries, to show how successful the Humans have become so far.

Monster Territory

District One: District One, also known as New Home by the Monsters, is the Capitol of the Monsters. Ruled by Asgore Dreemurr, this is the aristocratic district of the Monster Kingdom. This doesn't mean it is exempt from the Under Games, however. Most of the trading between Monsters and Humans mainly occur here, as it is a mostly peaceful district.

District Two: District Two, also known as Mount Ebott by the Monsters, is a larger district where most of the economy comes from sharing skilled practices and working in the mountain. Mount Ebott holds the largest army of Humans in Monster territory, to ensure that the Monsters aren't trying to pull off any schemes. This District tends to win the most out of them all in the Under Games.

District Three: District Three, also known as the Hotlands by the Monsters, is a smaller volcanic district where lava flows regularly in small rivers scattered across the area. This district is mostly used for scientific findings, and sources of energy via the lava that constantly flows through the District.

District Four: District Four, also known as Waterfall by the Monsters, is a larger district covered in lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and crystals. In this district, the main source of the economy is wide-scale fishing and mining of the many crystals in the area, making it a richer district.

District Five: District Five, also known as Snowdin by the Monsters, is the northernmost of the districts in Monster Territory, being covered in snow all the time. The district is mostly used for the abundant amounts of trees and lumber, where the trees grow rather quickly too.

District Six: District Six, also known as Kilon by the Monsters, is a district housing almost all of the Inpyres in the Monster Territory, as ordered in the peace treaty. Here, the Monsters have to do most of the labor involved in factory production, a job that most of the other districts didn't want to do.

District Seven: District Seven, also known as the Underland by the Monsters, is a district housing almost all of the Demons in the Monster Territory, as ordered in the peace treaty. Demons are mostly left alone here, as they have their own separate economy growing. Humans do visit however when the Under Games occur, so there's that.

District Eight: District Eight, also known as the CORE by the Monsters, is a district composed mostly of widespread technology, being the heart of the Humans' influence in the Monster territory. Only so many Monsters live here to help with the odd-jobs, and as a result the percentage-chance of being picked is higher here.

District Nine: District Nine, also known as Sandtopia by the Monsters, is a district composed mostly of arid deserts by far, with the only main town being in a small oasis. This district isn't really involved in the trade-system between the Humans and Monsters due to the very short population. Here, the age-range is extended on the higher end so that it wasn't only 5 individuals eligible to be tributes.

District Ten: District Ten, also known as the King's Garden by the Monsters, is a district composed of just vast and ripe plains, the towns being far and wide. This district is mainly considered the poorest, as the workers are just doing the poor job of farming for common resources.

District Eleven: District Eleven, also known as Home or the Ruins by the Monsters, is a former yet abandoned district which formerly was the Capitol of the Monsters. However, the King soon moved to New Home to use as the new Capitol, and this district decided to declare a second War against Humans. This resulted in the Humans raiding the district by storm, destroying it.

Canon Characters

Main Characters

Asgore Dreemurr: The current King of the Monsters, Asgore rules over the kingdom with a kind heart and soft soul. He doesn't exactly agree with the Under Games, but he doesn't find it too much of a hassle as the economy effectively grows for his kingdom afterwards. He however has had a bad scar from these games, as his own son Asriel was actually drafted and killed in the first year of them.

Secondary Characters

Mettaton: Mettaton is currently the broadcasting host of the Under Games, and he certainly loves this job. Alphys did indeed create him as a Robot with a Soul, but he wanted to go into the media network. As a result, he quickly rose to fame when he made the deal with the Humans, and got himself to be quite the star in many shows.

Side Characters


Original Characters

Main Characters

Natis Prosec: Having fought in the War against the Monsters as the General of the Human Army, Natis Prosec is currently the President of the Humans. He himself thought that the Humans should've had more from the peace treaty, but is nevertheless delighted when the Under Games happen. He intends on mixing things up with the next event, but who knows what will happen?

Nimir Numah: Having fought in the War against the Monsters as the Lieutenant of the Human Army, Nimir Numah is currently the Head Gamemaker of the Under Games. While he doesn't quite agree with the games, he actually finds it quite fun to set up the tributes against different challenges. Nimir intends on eventually trying to convince Natis into stopping the Under Games eventually.

Secondary Characters


Side Characters





Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and HolyTraitor/Reddest for the page layout.

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