• I literally just registered an account, and I am entirely new to this wiki, so I have a few questions:

    - Where can I start?

    - What are the guidelines?

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    • You can start by viewing the Guidelines here, here, and here. Once you have read these, feel free to visit the chat room or create a page- a guide on how to do this is located on the Main Page.

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    • To start, there are many things you could do. However, I would recommend taking the time to read all three rules pages first:

      The Wiki Rules, the Chat Rules and the Page Guidelines. These can also be found on the main page and in the navigation bar at the top, should you need to find them later :)

      After you have thoroughly doused yourself in all the Law-abiding knowledge a good citizen should have, you could then enter the chatroom and get to know some users. Alternatively, you could browse the forums and take a look at roleplays past - to get a feel of the place! Finally, after you have done everything to get yourself acquainted with the Wiki, you could make a page for an Original Character - provided you have one, of course.

      Enjoy :)

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    • I hope you enjoy the wiki, just remember we do have standards to make this wiki, y'know, not suck? We hope you can become apart of our community! :]

      Edit: Lemme be a bit more casual, we're sorry if the RPs on Forums look... Bad, but chat RPs still come through and they're usually fine.

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