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Tiffany is one of the two remaining Hybrids, particularly the most destructive of the two. He currently lurks in the dumpster section of the Waterfall.


Tiffany resembles the mythical Cthulhu beast, with a squid-like appearance, a tentacle beard, and wings. His coloration is a mix of bluish green and brown. He also has a giant split in his torso, with is overlapped with teeth; this is his actual mouth. However, this is simply his original form. When he came to the Underground, Tiffany adapted his appearance to look a little less suspicious.


In his new form, Tiffany resembles a short, black human male, with blue eyes. Of course, he might have been mistaken for a human many times in this form, simply devouring the accuser. He wears a leather jacket, along with leather pants and shoes. This package also comes complete with leather gloves and sunglasses. One might say he resembles a biker of sorts. 

Still, Tiffany can transform to his original form at will, or at least transmit some features of it, like spikes, or tentacles sprouting of his back. This is a surprising ability for a Hybrid, because they are usually restricted to one transformation.


At his creation, Tiffany was what you would consider a complete idiot. Sure, he was quite proficient in physical activities, but when it came to thinking and mental stuff, he was clueless. Still, Tiffany was "smart" enough to be on the good side of his older brother, Oathless, who semi-helped to teach him somethings.

After absorbing his siblings, some of their mental traits transfered to him. Now, Tiffany is more aware of right and wrong, yet he still comes as psychotic. The thought of constant improvement drives him to crave more SOULs insatiably. Tiffany, with his siblings SOULs, can learn and adapt easily. For example, he has learned to speak English properly, and can build with even scrap metals, judging by his assembled motorcycle.


Tiffany was the fourth Hybrid to be created by Noma, albeit prematurely, due to his siblings recklessly smashing his birthing tube before he was fully developed. This caused him to be deemed weak in Noma's eyes, and he was ignored. Of course, the premature release also caused his, ah, below-average intelligence.  Still, his older sister, Erza, simply adored him, along with his younger brother, Harold.

In Noma's teachings, Tiffany performed well combat-wise, but was completely awful with his education. Ezra and Oathless pitched in to help him learn better. When the time came for the Hybrids' testing, Tiffany was the most destructive and he consumed the most SOULs, earning Noma's praise. 




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  • Tiffany is a character created by Vinneh's brother.

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