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Trebuchet is a dark skeleton from Hotland, but then moves to Snowdin for unknown reasons.


Trebuchet wears a black zip-up hoodie and black jeans as well. He wears red sneakers and black gloves. His bone texture is dark grey, and he has jagged teeth and red glowing eyes with black pupils. He usually wears his hood on.

His personality is said to be very laid back but it's really to hide his craving for destruction. When treated in the right way, he can become very nice, though. He loves to eat Hellberry pie, but he's disgusted by human food. He also dislikes humans, and is at first a jerk to any one that approaches him. However, he tries his best to be nice in new places.

Not much is known about Trebuchet. No one knows who his family is, or who he's linked to. The only thing known about his history is that he came from Hotland, but that's all the monsters of the underground know of. Most mysteriously, nobody knows his purpose there or intentions.


He is not part of any group, team, or order. For some reason, he is targeted by bounty hunters from both the surface and Underground.


  • HP - 700
  • AT - 50
  • DF - 20
  • EXP on kill - 20
  • Gold on Win - 10


"Get lost, human." Encounter

"What?? DIE!" Insult

"What? You like me? Pft, weirdo." Flirt

"Oho, it's on! BRING IT, HUMAN!" Fight, hit.

"What's with that aim, human?" Fight, miss


"You want mercy, huh? Guess what? I don't." Spare [Not meeting conditions]

"Nighty night." [When you only have 1 hp left]

"GET. AWAY FROM ME!" Flirt [Second time in a row]

"So, you really wanna be friends? Welp..." [Sparable]

  • There is no direct pattern required to spare Trebuchet. The only conditions are not pressing the fight button and constantly flirting with him.

Powers and Abilities

He, just like the skelebros, can manipulate bones. They are usually sharpened tibias that glow red. Though he can also summon a large bone staff. He can block attacks by spinning it, but it is not indestructible and will break eventually. He can also use telekinesis and pyrokinesis. He is capable flight, but only by using pyrokinesis to propel himself into the air.


  • Among all of Vincent Endethyst's OC's, Trebuchet took him the least amount of time to create.
  • Trebuchet used to be a demon, but was changed into a skeleton.
  • Trebuchet is the name of a font. It's also the name of a medieval French weapon similar to a catapult.
  • His full name is Trebuchet MS.
  • Despite his name, he is NOT French.

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