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Treeka is a tree nymph that lives in Snowdin. She has leaf-green hair and green skin. She has stumpy trunk like legs and has three fingered hands.

Traditionally, she wears a bark-like covering around the skin, kind of like clothing and a leafy skirt around her waist. But normally, she wears whatever she wants.

Treeka has a varying personality depending on the season or time of day. During Spring she will act more flirtatious. In Winter she will act cruel and cold. During Summer she acts nice and warm. During Fall she is sad but humble.

Treeka will talk to anyone depending on her mood. She usually doesn't like other elementals that aren't water or earth elementals.

Treeka will occasionally attack people for trespassing on her property, and she is quite the hassle to deal with. She uses mainly nature magic and whatever she has in her hand to throw at you.



  • Other Trees


  • TBA


  • TBA


Romantic Partners

  • Currently Single



  • HP: 200
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 30
  • EXP On Kill: 100
  • Gold on Win: 30


Check, Talk, Whisper, Flirt

How to Win


Whisper 3 Times. Then you can spare her.

You can also flee, she will not follow.


Talk 5 Times, then she will end the battle.

You cannot flee.


Flirt 3 Times, then she will end the battle, giving you an invitation to her house.

If you try to flee, she will follow.


Flee 3 Times, and she will give up on following.



"Um... Hello there..." (Fall Form Encounter)

"Oh, hi! I'm Treeka!" (Summer Form Encounter)

"Hello cutie~!" (Spring Form Encounter)

"So, you a human?" (Winter Form Encounter)

"Ooh, checking me out, huh~? My eyes are up here~!" (Spring Form Check)

"My day isn't going very well..." (Fall Form Talk)

"It's going great!" (Summer Form Talk)

"Its fine. Gonna be better with you~!" (Spring Form Talk)

"Eh." (Winter Form Talk)

Flavor Text


  • Treeka's name was based off of the words Tree and Kate.
  • Depending on your fun level, her seasonal form changes.
  • The Winter form seems to be the only one that cares that you are a genocidal maniac.
  • Why she is popular, I don't know.