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"Eh, don't spare me. Y'know I'm not right for that. Spare someone worth sparing."
―Trent when trying to spare him


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Trent is a jerk monster of the monster species known as Chopps.


Trent is a tan-ish monster that resembles a human. He has brown hair, a white shirt with a X on it, and decently large hands. Trent also carries around a large, mostly empty, bag, used to carry stolen gifts of Snowdin. His expression is normally bored, but he does expression himself in some strange ways...


Trent can easily be defined as "Jerk." He is ruinning of certain people's dates, steals gifts, and has an undying hatred towards an old "friend". He does this for attention, only wanting for people to know he exists. He says that people should notice him more often, but nobody really cares. This morped Trent into an identity known as "Reverse Santa," a being made just to be an attention hog. Despite this, he isn't really that mean. Trent has a nice side towards people who he can trust, such as Larry.


Trent was at first in a band with his best friend, Beat. They played especially well. In the meantime, Trent served as a prankster, and trainer for Larry, really sucking at it. Of course, this didn't stay for Trent. During Trent and Beat's last performance, a whole set of speakers almost fell on Trent, but Beat saved him in time. Despite this, Beat, while playing her piano, she demanded Trent pay her all of his gold just for saving him. After a large arguement, Trent and Beat split up.

Due to this, Trent became alone. He grew boring, and unpopular, while Beat and the others (Abigail, Larry, Harcules, Kristen) grew more distant. He then began stealing gifts. This grew a habit Trent enjoyed, as he keeps it to this very day. Along with this, he began hating everyone in the underground. Acting like a jerk and a bunch of injuries gives Trent the hate he deserves.




ATK- 32

HP- 200

Def- 30

EXP when killed- 12

Gold when Killed- 12

Act Options- Check, Hug, Sing


Most of Trent's attacks consist of his stolen gifts. Sometimes healing.

Flavor Text

  • Trent draws near!
  • Trent makes some angry moves at you.
  • Trent tosses his bag, only to catch it.
  • You sing a tune to Trent. He listens, but doesn't aknowledge.
  • You continue to sing the tune. Trent taps his foot.
  • You finish the song. Trent claps, bringing up a smile.
  • You hug Trent.
  • You hug Trent even harder.
  • Seems like hugging is useless for this battle.
  • Trent is sparing you.
  • Trent hugs back, giving a pat on the head.
  • Trent sings instead. A pretty lovely singing voice.


  • Hey human! You Stink!

(more TBA)


  • His appearance is inspired by one of the Toss Boys from Rhythm Heaven.


Thanks to everyone who made this page possible!

Major Credit goes towards TerrarianRenamon for the sprite for the character. This was so nice of you to make it, and I would pay you if I could.

Also Yossipossi for the typer.


Trent emote
Trent Overworld

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