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"Um, h-how may I help you?''   --Trinitro's response

Trinitro is a potion vendor in Snowdin. He holds a movable shop that can travel through long distances if needed. He is mostly call as "James" from his favorite customers. He only sells various of medical and support items to the player that can change his/her stats, depending on the type of item.

He was forcefully started doing alchemy studies by his parents. He never made any friends at that time due to this. He was able to craft healing items that can help to increase the lifespan of his parents. Although, Trinitro have a great dislike of them because of this. He always wanted to be a scientist, rather than being a potion brewer just to support his parents. He left his town and moves away from them, thus travelling to Snowdin to start a new life. 

He was originally planning to start in Hotland as he likes Dr. Alphy's inventions. Although, this was a full disappointment as he doesn't like warm places. He doesn't like Waterfall because of very few people are living in it. Finally, he made a last stop to Snowdin. Everything fits to his likings, and he begins to run a shop for everyone who is in need.



Trinitro in FIGHT mode


Trinitro is a fox-like monster who is dressed with a greenish coat. He wears a green mechanical one-eyed hat and a gray scarf that cover his face. His fur color is apple green. In the Genocide Route, he has sharp teeth that forms a long smile and has a mechanical backpack that sprouts four metal arms. 


He is very timid, shy and fearful. He doesn't like people who have a negative attitude. He enjoys chatting when he feels relaxed. He has a slight sense of insecurity, meaning he can easily be angered by certain points. He shows a great deal of trauma when being attacked (as shown in the Genocide Route). In response of this, Trinitro has a second personality. He is very wild, merciless, and will never give up when his losing. His anger increased in this state and his state of sanity and logic are ceased. 


Trinitro had no known relationships other than the player themselves. 


  • Healing Potion - 25G = Heals 20 HP; (Just your regular everyday RPG potion)
  • Power Juice - 15G = Increases speed and attack; (A drink with an extra step)
  • Buff Can - 15G = Greatly Increases defense; (Just throw it down, and take a whiff)
  • Smoke Bomb - 10G = Increases invincibility frames for 2.5 seconds each in 3 turns; (Not a potion, but not as worse to a stink bomb)

Timeline Interactions

Pacifist Route

Trinitro happily greets the player when entering his shop. In this version, you can sell an item for a trade. Each time the player "sells" the item he wants, the more value that he will return to you. Additionally, this also allows you to do a side quest. Trinitro will ask a player to find his Backdoor Key in Hotland. At this point, his shop is locked and you can only enter the backdoor if you have his key. Once found and enter, the player is greeted once more to him, except he can be interacted normally like an actual NPC rather than as a vendor. He will reward you with a "Special Permanent All-Stat Boost" Potion. Whenever you enter the shop's backdoor, this functions the same as you do before in the side quest. You can also ask more of his history from here.

Neutral Route

Trinitro normally greets the player as a stranger. In this version, Side quest is not also available as he has his key from the beginning. You cannot gain access to the backdoor of his shop and his no longer NPC interactable.

Genocide Route  

Trinitro is feared by the player. Although, he has knowledge that all vendors cannot be killed in their state. He is still running the shop as normal. In this version, he doesn't allow any trades or sales from the player. He doesn't share any of his information about him. Although, if the player has knowledge in the previous Pacifist Route about the whereabouts of his Backdoor Key, they can gain access the side quest without his knowledge. Because of this, Trinitro is slightly unprepared and frightened as the player slowly gets near to him. He forgots that he is in his NPC state, meaning he will be killed like all non-vendor monsters. The player enters a FIGHT with Trinitro. Upon swinging the first blow, he begins to shifts and change to his second personality, thus a true battle begins. He attacks the player with various chemicals and manipulates the battlefield and the player's HUD in his will. At the end in his defeat, Trinitro asks the player to kill him and gives up in all hopes and dreams. He admits that no one loves him and everyone hates him for who he really was. He slowly turn to dust afterwards. If the player ACTs and goes easy on him during the fight, Trinitro will calm down and avoids hurting the player. The player has the option to kill-betrayed or SPARE him in this state.


  • Nitro Bomb Prop
  • Mecha Arm Prop
  • Filter Board Prop

Trinitro is mostly the manipulator and trickster in the battlefield. Watch out for his chemical bombs and his elastic arms.

  • Arm Thrust - Thrusts 4 arms vertically to the player at the same time. Warnings indicate its positions. (Deals -3 damage)
  • Nitro Pillar - Aggresively throws multiple bombs to the field that blast vertically or horizontally. (Deals -1 damage)
  • Drug Pack - Throws random bombs in random positions in medium blast radius. (Deals -2 / +2 damage)
  • Filter Board - Slowly heals himself while attacking the player. Aim the bombs toward the machine to interrupt it and deal additional damage. (Can deal -3 damage)
  • Atomic Shift - Changes the shape of the battlefield from Rectangle-Square-Circle-Triangle.
  • Intoxicating Aura - If the player FIGHTs, they gain slowness for this turn. If the player ACTs, the player loss 0.5 seconds of invincibility frames for this turn. If the player ITEMs, they gain a slow fading screen distort for this turn. If the player SPAREs, Trinitro will deal -1 damage to you and commented "That's for trying."
  • Bleeding Gears - Trinitro's special attack. Aims all of its arms to the middle of the battlefield and slices it. Throws bombs in patterns simultanelously and adds damage effect to the edges of the field. The battlefield will only shift to Rectangular state. (Deals -2 to -3 damage)


  • HP: 950
  • AT: 25
  • DF: 50
  • EXP: 350
  • GOLD: 700

Flavor Text

  • Here Lies whoever that Is --(Before the actual fight)
  • The Weakling fights back --(Start of the actual fight)
  • A wannabe loser --(CHECK)
  • Smells like medicine
  • The air is filled with death
  • Trinitro is up to something...
  • Smells like nitroglycerin
  • Trinitro enrages...
  • Victory is near... --(HP is at a quarter left)
  • Trinitro is grinding its gears --(Prepares a special attack)
  • He stopped... --(Trinitro calms down)
  • What should you do? --(Player's final choice to Trinitro)


Shop (Neutral & Pacifist Route)

  • Um, h-how may I help you?


  • N-n-need something?
  • T-t-thanks for buying --(After buying the item)
  • You don't w-want that? --(Not buying the item)


  • Got something g-good for me? 
  • Just what I wanted, shall we t-trade? 
  • Thank you so much --(After trading)
  • *sigh* W-w-why not? --(Not trading)


  • Y-y-yes? 
  • [About Yourself]
    • I'm just your e-everyday vendor. 
    • I mean, I only sell potions and medicines.
    • It's been so long. I wonder what other careers are available.
    • Besides, potions and other crafty dohickeys are not the only ones that helps you keep alive, right?
  • [Who are you?]
    • Who am I? That's easy...
    • Just ask yourself and tell me!
    • O-okay okay, just kidding...
    • I used to live in the far side from Snowdin in this very Underground.
    • I don't really have a lot of friends, just your regular customers.
    • Although, everybody called me James for some reason. 
    • I moved away from my hometown once, just because of THEM!
  • [Them?]
    • MY PARENTS! T-they... they
    • They...
    • *sigh* Let's just say, they used me once.
    • I mean, they are the reason in why I'm here right now.
    • Between you and me, dude, I wanted to be a scientist.
    • I like machines, but I don't like concoctions.
    • You've got to enjoy it, rather than just work for it.
    • Get it, dude?
  • [Your Potions]
    • Don't worry, they're v-very safe to use.
    • Really kid, have I did anything wrong?
    • Poisoning, sorcery, scamming... what kind of guy who will do that?
  • [Your Next Move]
    • I don't really know. I like here in Snowdin.
    • I like the snow and EVERYTHING!
    • I was going to move to Hotland... but I changed my mind.
    • I won't last a damn minute in there.


  • Be safe, little dude

Shop (Genocide Route)

  • W-what d-d-do you w-w-want?


  • No t-thank you. I-i don't want any trouble


  • I-i rather not...


  • I-is it over?




  • Trinitro was created in March 27, 2016 of Sunday by JamesTechno998.
  • He is the only vendor that can FIGHT and attack the player.
  • His nickname, James, is the name of the creator of this monster.
    • However, no one has ever called him James.
  • In the background of his shop, you can see a Mr. Handy Box behind him. This is a reference to one of James's one-offs comics.
  • Trinitro's most favorite video game genre is Puzzle and RPG games.

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