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Tyfli is a blind dragon-like monster living in the underground.


Tyfli is a blind, scaly Basilisk monster. She has large wings and blue skin. She has no eyes. At the end of her tail is a venomous scorpion tail, which can squirt out venom. She has two legs, each two fingered, and a claw at the end of each one of her wings. She has sharp teeth on her bottom jaw, all covered with poison, and in her mouth lies a forked tongue. Under her jaw lies a frilled collar.

She has a wingspan of ten feet and is 7 feet long, with a height of also seven feet.

Tyfli uses echolocation to get around. She is very loud, and screeches like a parrot with a very deep voice. She lives in Hotland, inside the lava, as she is fire resistant.

For Tyfli species, she is very intelligent. She might not be as smart as humans, but makes up for it in memory. She can remember everything from her birth to present. She occasionally goes to Waterfall to find any form of literature. She will often remember these words.

Tyfli cannot speak properly, and can only speak through telepathy. This is achieved when someone puts their hand on her head. She will only telepathically talk to who she wants to.

Tyfli can get rather excited, and eat a tree or two randomly. She loves to fetch sticks the size of streetlamps and play with toys the size of buses. She will whimper when sad, and growl when excited or angry.



Tyfli enjoys having Finn around, and treats him as a friend. (Potential Ship?)


Tyfli very dislikes Undyne, as Undyne has tried to capture her a few times.


  • HP: 5000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 10
  • EXP on Kill: 1000
  • Gold on Win: 60

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