UNDERFAIL is an ongoing comedic comic series created by VampireMeerkat on December 9, 2015.

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Random comic panel.

The story supposedly plays off after the Undertale pacifist ending, and shows Sans and Toriel happily married and taking care of Flowey as if he were a regular child. Frisk makes small appearances and is less treated like a person, and more like a dog. Throughout the series Flowey is aware that nothing makes sense and he's in an internet comic, and eventually escapes the series and is never seen again.

The story then picks up with Sans, who used to go along with the series' insanity, but reveals he knew what was going on all along.


The pages aren't numbered, have a different title, and some of the comics appear random, but each are part of the same plot and uploaded in chronological order;

UNDERFAIL (part 1)

Toriel introduces Sans to Flowey as his new father.

UTTERFAIL (part 2)

"Flowey's favourite uncle Papyrus" comes to visit and gives Flowey Frisk as a pet for no reason.


Flowey and his family are enjoying themselves at the beach, until Asgore shows and tries to swoon Toriel, but Sans puts him in his place.


Random comic panel.


Random comic panel.


Flowey is disappointed to see the series is still going on, but even more to see Toriel and Sans are still going on.


Flowey is suddenly attending a cooking lesson from Undyne, which makes him desperate enough to try and escape the comic, which he manages to do.


Sans' romantic date with Frisk gets interrupted by Chris Hansen.

UNDERWEAR (part 7)

Sans, Papyrus and Undyne wonder about what happened to Flowey in response to Undyne having to take care of Frisk so much all of the sudden.