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The Umbrahomine are a relatively new race, due to fact that they are all of Vesijohtaja's sailors who didn't want to become Gravespawn, therefore they are found exclusively in the employ of Vesijohtaja. They look very similar to a normal monster of their race, but with much paler skin and empty eyes, and the ability to move through thinner walls and objects which are or less than the width of 1 meter.


The were first thought up by the representative and Vesijohtaja as a suitable option of a undead-like race for those who wanted to return to life but did not want to become a Gravespawn in Vesijohtaja's crew when they joined his return. And so, the Umbrahomine were created.

Notable Locations

The only location of any importance is Vesijohtaja's ship, which stays in one small area, only eliminating ships which may have noticed it.

Special Abilities

  • The ability to travel through things of the depth/with of maximum 1 meter.
  • Highly improved reflexes, giving the ability to have more chance of dodging attacks.
  • Most Umbrahomine have at least an adept level of magical skill in a field of their choice.
  • They cannot age


  • The more skilled in magic cast an Umbrahomine is, they will usually become much more frail and fragile.

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