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But nobody came...


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Main Story

Long ago, two races fought for their survival over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS...

Filled with nothing but the desire to KILL, the monsters destroyed humanity until there was nothing left...

In last ditch effort, the humans barely managed to fend the monsters off...

They trapped the monsters underground with a magic seal...

Many centuries later...


Legends say whoever stumbles across the mountain may never return alive or dead...

Plot Synopsis

"Where monsters are only monsters and humans are only humans."
―Tagline for UnderFear.
Underfear is an AU where all the monster characters/original characters are mindless beasts who's main desire is to be freed from the underground and destroy what's left of the human race and the humans are a reconstructing race after the war who fight for survival if they fall into the underground.

In this story Chara fell into the Underground a long time ago and was found by a scavenging Asriel, upon retraining consciousness and taming the young beast they were confronted by the hunting Toriel and Asgore who raised the human as one of their own.

However due to Chara congesting yellow-flowers as a source of food they quickly fell ill and shortly after died, angered by this Asgore lashed out upon it's wife and child, severely blinding Toriel and unfortunately killing their only other son in rage, until then the two parted to never see one another again with their fallen son's dust to be parted onto the area Chara first fell from.

Instead of pacifism monsters can only be tamed like wild beasts rather than close allies so friendship is an unlikely chance in this AU whereas running or fighting is a more likely choice for survival.

Another thing is that Man-Made monsters don't exist in this world seeing as the latter can't be created due to the monsters less advanced motor skills only with primitive or early intellect.

(Side-Note: In order to leave the Underground a monster such as Asgore needs to consume seven human souls to break the barrier in the underground.)

Main Characters


―Frisk, UnderFear
A child who fell down after falling on a pile of flowers and bramble, upon arriving they were treated like prey for hungry and broken monsters in the underground being somewhat of an easy target, with little DETERMINATION they fight for survival and try to escape this twisted labyrinth.


"Of a creature that may or may not exist the world has many secrets and many flaws either way all have their whirls."
―Inscription on Flowey.
A being that supposedly resides in the underground it is unsure whether he is just a hallucination of Frisk's imagination or a real being from the idea is thrown around time to time, whichever it seems that this creature tries to trick the human by falling into it's plant traps.


"Beware the creature who sees in smell, for those who aren't careful won't have a story to tell."
―Inscription on Toriel
A blind horned goat-beast that haunts The Ruined, with it's keen sense of smell it's well adapted for hunting by using it's other senses and surprisingly it's more tame than the other monsters in the underground but just as well if angered she can strike at any given moment if her prey wants to leave.


"This beast may be of sloth and looks are of rest but all things assured he isn't one to jest."
―Inscription on Sans
A skeletal monstrosity who hunts in Snow he's a boned being with a lot of mass and acts as a sentry for any easy prey but unfortunately he's extremely lazy and tends to scavenge more than anything but if it's something that puts up a fight he'll go for the kill. Another thing to mention is that he and his brother tend to fight over food once every while.


"A straight-forward hunter and on active prowl beware for whenever it growls."
―Inscription on Papyrus
A boned behemoth and the top-predator of Snow, he is much more active than his brother he tends to go straight forth for his victims and he is very prideful about his kills to the point of holding them for himself, however he and his brother tend to fight over scraps every once in a while.


"This unending beast of teeth, claws and vigor you'd best need to run if you feel your body rigor."
―Inscription on Undyne
The feared hunter of Watered, always on the lookout she prefers to ambush her prey and won't stop her attack until her prey is in her jaws and has stopped kicking cold, for a fish monster of teeth and jaw she's pretty short sighted when it comes to creatures concealed in hidden spaces so she tends to just lash out until she seems anything around her is done for.


"While seemingly vicious alongside wicked and vile underneath that scowl is a more tame style."
―Inscription on Alphys.
A dinosaur like creature of the Barren Lands while vicious and out-bursting it seems to be the most tamable of monsters despite being vicious when it comes to being provoked and has no intention of attacking creatures that are larger than itself but it can give a nasty bite if not careful and is best left alone.


"While all seem terrifying and a marvel to our world there is but one creature that made our land hurled, from the sky, the earth and everything once peaceful we never have experienced something ever so evil."
―Inscription on Asgore
The considered king of monsters, Asgore is a large unmerciful goat-creature that will kill anything if it strays too close in its hunting grounds or its own lair being almost untamable as a beast it's only real way of going against it is to fight and hope you won't end up as it's next victim and it's main goal to congest 7 human souls to pass the barrier holding them inside.


If you want to add a character to UnderFear you must follow these rules.

  1. If you have a Artificial OC (E.G. Mettaton, Flowey) they will break the canon of UnderFear, only use monster OC's or try to fit them into the AU in your own unique way of sorts.
  2. Make sure the OC has a page otherwise they'll be declined.
  3. You'll need permission to add the OC's onto the AU's page.

(Side-note: Rule 3. isn't really a rule but feel free to make your own inscription for your OC, it will give them more mystery)


"With an insatiable appetite alongside a smile of the crooked, this beast is equipped to be well footed."
―Inscription on Wendy.
Wendy is a stalking beast of Snow and has a never-ending appetite for devouring anything it can get it's smiling jaws around, despite being of skin and bone it's hunger never ceases to be declined and it won't stop until it is satisfied from congesting all matter it finds to be delicious not to mention it's art in mimicry for capturing prey.



A desolate land of nothing but destroyed homes and broken corridors of what humans used to reside in now belonging to the monsters turf, especially Toriel who roams the area in search of prey that tend to usually live around this location being her homeland she knows all the areas in and out.


Cold, barren and desolate are the words to describe this land it seems nothing but thick forests and blistering snows lives here, except for well adapted hunters for this environment including Sans and Papyrus the top-predators of this land who seek to smell-out frozen targets.


The hunting-grounds of a semi-aquatic killer known as Undyne, with it's dark rooms and murky blue waters alongside their luminescent glow it's hard to tell if anything is watching from the dark depths below especially the top-range predators of the food-chain.

Barren Lands

Hot and dangerous, the Barren Lands show no mercy when it comes to violent eruptions, tremors alongside unforgivable jumps for the need of survival with it's rising temperatures of relying around the core for warmth, it is also the grounds of Alphys for hunting.

King's Lair

The lair of the dreaded king of monsters, where a merciless beast resides in nothing but flowers and grey, waiting that one day that he'll consume one final soul to break through the barrier and finish what he started all those centuries ago in his own domain.


  • The Concept for UnderFear stemmed from other co-existing AU's such as UnderWorld and HorrorTale with some aspects from OFF.
  • Despite there being Asriel, Flowey is one of the only characters in this AU that has no defined or confirmed existence in this world.
  • This AU is based off Eldritch horror such as the Cthulhu Mythos and English Folklore.
  • Monsters in this AU have very primitive ways of thinking.
  • It is said that Gaster was a feared beast of the underground many centuries ago but one day he grew so hungry he... well I'd best not gossip after all you never know who may be listening.
  • Monsters can use determination in this universe but like the original they can also melt.
  • Humans are a monsters most prized prey in UnderFear.
  • Frisk in this AU fends for themselves for food and actually have packed meals (Spaghetti, Pie and many other assorted food-items)
  • Some monsters in the AU are sociable pack-hunters.

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