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UnderHalo takes place in a universe where the humans decided to make sure the monsters in the Underground never got too powerful or if The Tide escaped containment somewhere in the Underground and got too powerful, so they built rings designed to destroy all sentient life in the Underground. However, the purpose of these rings is long forgotten, and now many different people think they do many different things, these beliefs leading to war after the sudden and unexpected death of the Royal Family. Will the rings be activated, or will the purpose be discovered and believed? Only time will tell...


The Ring of Ruin-The Ring located in what once was the RUINs.

The Ring of Cold-The Ring located in what once was Snowdin.

The Ring of Water-The Ring located in what once was Waterfall.

The Ring of Fire-The Ring located in what once was Hotlands.

The Ring of Energy-The Ring located in what once was CORE.

The Ring of Life-The Ring located in what once was New Home.

The Spire of Spring-Heavily fortified secret base of the UUSC in the middle of the Snowdin forests.

Sunion-Floating capital of The Concordat on the waters of the Underground, thought as impossible to directly attack due to extreme fortifications against any form of assault.

Madav-The base of the Blades of Hiperavia in Hotlands which is almost constantly attacked by forces of The Concordat, so much part of it has been completely reduced to ruins.


UUSC-The UUSC (United Underground Security Command) is remnants of the monster leadership, and is the one of the only major factions which opposes the activation of the rings and is currently locked in a war with the technologically superior faction of The Concordat.


The Concordat-The Concordat is a powerful faction which is a collective of groups and organisations of monsters that believe activating the rings will take them on a journey to The Promised Land called The Mighty Trip. They are currently fighting the technologically inferior UUSC, although after The Concordat's leadership decided to remove one of the groups from The Concordat, causing a civil war.


Cronossians-The Cronossians are a mysterious group of high-tech soldiers who guard the rings, unknowing of it's purpose, only knowing they must defend the rings and their master's legacy and technology from all those who attempt to meddle with what they have been tasked to defend.


Blades of Hiperavia-The Blades of Hiperavia is name of the faction fighting a civil war against The Concordat, and is on good diplomatic terms with the UUSC due to them also being at war with The Concordat.


The Tide-The Tide is a horde of essentially zombies that are believed to seek the eradication of all life in the Underground, but this is only speculated because there have been no records of any of them being able to speak.




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