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We are Underwatch.

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Underwatch is an AU where the popular Indie-Game Undertale crosses over with the also popular game by Blizzard; Overwatch, it focuses on the OCs rather than the main protagonists of the story (Though there will be a story resolving around them soon) who's main focus is on fighting good and evil. In this AU the OCs take the part of the characters from Overwatch Persona alike fighting for justice and anarchy constantly for heroes and villains alike.

For now they are PATIENCE. They are BRAVERY. They are INTEGRITY. They are PERSEVERANCE. They are KINDNESS. They are DETERMINATION. They are JUSTICE. Together they are UNDERWATCH.


  • DO NOT add a OC without my permission, other than that go for it.
  • Only 1-2 Characters per user for all fairness.
  • 4th wall breaking characters are prohibited
  • OC's must or in some way have the personality linked to the character they are portraying (Tracer, Widowmaker, Mei, Hanzo, etc.)
    • This is one of the most crucial rules for joining alongside writing out the characters bio.
  • Do not force me to add your OC into the AU. (Angering me also is not the best option either)
  • Reserved Characters are reserved for those who joined beforehand.
    • Reserved Users can remove this afterwards.
  • No overly OP OCs simple as.


Offense Characters

Defense Characters

  • Junkrat/AL (Reserved for Paperjam!Sans):
  • Bastion/
  • Hanzo/
  • Mei/
  • Torbjörn/
  • Widowmaker/

Tank Characters

Support Characters


Credit to SquidFairy and Paperjam!Sans for helping me on this AU.

Credit to Blizzard for creating Overwatch.

Credit to Toby Fox creating Undertale.

All Rights of both series are owned by their respectful attributes. This is not something for Official Production rather a Project for Fun. We highly recommend you support both series and companies official release for Overwatch and Undertale.


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