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Main Story

It's been a year since Frisk showed up, and after Frisk freed all the monsters from captivity in the Underground, Toriel opened up a school. This school, named Delta Rune United (DRU), was made with the thought process of allowing all humans and monsters of any age group to learn together, and perhaps live together.

The teachers and students are a mixture of humans and monsters, and classes cater to humans and monsters with different needs. Now that monsters are in the mix though, food in the cafeteria are made for some monsters to be eaten, history has been expanded by different monsters telling their stories, and many other things have been enlarged due to monster contribution.


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Settings and Locations

Delta Rune United: The main setting for this Undergraduate. This is a school that allows both humans and monsters to learn together, and has classes for each grade level ranging from kindergarten to college. Because of this, it's common to see kids of different age groups in the same class because of different levels of abilities. There is also on-campus living, which is usually taken by monsters who have recently left the Underground and needs a home to stay in until they graduate or just find another place to live.

Science: Lead by Professor/Mr. Nick and Professor/Ms. Forias, they teach various scientific subjects. Both are very eccentric teachers, with Nick at times trying to arm wrestle his students and being called the dad of the school, while Forias does experiments that bring concern to both the staff and students.

Kindergarten and Elementary School: Ran by Archard and co-taught (and at times ran by) Mr. Marvien. This class holds kids from kindergarten to the end of elementary school (grade 5). At times kids in elementary school may leave this class to attend higher up classes, but in this class it teaches kids what they need to know for their age. The Kindergarten kids are mostly taught social interactions and fun little games about very basic things, while the kids higher up learn more complex and flexible subjects. This is why two teachers are needed to run the class.

English: Temporarily ran by Professor/Mr. Ajax. This class is like your ordinary English class, although Ajax prefers to call it "Language Class". Not a very liked subject, considering the teacher normally insults students who insult the class, with some remarks being "You're wrong. Sit in the corner and think about your mistake, which is your life" or "I didn't ask to teach immature imbeciles. Now, spell imbecile."

Magic: Ran by Professor/Ms. Arryn and co-ran by Professor/Mr. Maon. A class specially for monsters, but is welcome to human students. An interesting class, although each new lesson always scares students, as Arryn would switch out the current lesson with something scarier, before switching it back to the normal lessons.

Cafeteria: A large area for monsters and humans to be in one place, but is usually overcrowded when people don't spread out. This is why during lunch, many monsters and humans end up sitting outside, in the shade, or if they have a dorm they eat there and come out when lunch is over. The cafeteria also serves lunch for different monster types, so the food there is very diverse.

Canon Characters


Toriel: The headmistress who watches over all the classes, and at times may come in to check in on how the classes are doing.

Asgore: Groundskeeper and gardener who has his own shed at the back of the school. He's often times seen growing new flowers or cutting weeds on the school grounds.


Original Characters


Nick: One of the head science teachers in secondary/high school, who is currently the reigning champion of most won arm wrestles. Nick prefers to hang out with Archard, but still talks with other staff members whenever he desires. He tends to not give his students penalties for late assignments, unless a student has handed assignments in late too many times.

Forias: Science teacher. A practically insane professor, the one they can't fire because she planted a bomb beneath the school. Her lessons always include something dangerous, or at least something concerning to her own mental health. Although her lessons are life threatening, in a way, they're also pretty fun. Cheers to the insane teacher.

Needleteeth: P.E. teacher. He's very strict and threatening, and enjoys putting students through tests of toughness and exercises that challenge the body. His lessons include depleting all of your stamina to fulfill challenges like sports, racing, push-ups and others. All of this, however, is rewarding afterwards, for the students are given a few minutes of free time to relax and do whatever they want, before they're brought back to class.

Arryn the Mage: The magic teacher. Likes to scare the students by introducing a completely new and dangerous lesson then instantly switching it with the normal lesson. The lessons she provides are informative and, somewhat useful but when going to Magic class, the students are always ready for the newest shenanigan.

Ajax: English teacher. Insults students nearly 24/7. He's a teacher who hates teaching, but does so anyway. He's your mediocre English teacher, but at the same time, pretty scary when he's mad and/or pissed. Which is nearly all the time.

Arkar Elymas: History teacher. A wise and kind professor who likes teaching the new generations about the past. Seeing him angry is rare, but when it happens, it's a terrifying sight. Most students shudder in fear when he's present, while few others don't care about him, and disrespect him. His scolding can be considered the worst, for no one knows how happens. When he's not terrifying, Arkar's lessons involve teaching about the wars, and of things he lived through. He mentions magic once in a while.

Maon: The Librarian and Co-teacher of magic class, his specialty is Divination so he will mostly just assist Arryn unless the class focuses on divination, when he watches over the library he is usually pretty silent, glaring at any students that make any noise and kicking them out if they get too noisy or break something.

Vivienne: The school's security system. She mainly patrol the school grounds and use security cameras to see if the area is clear, she can also access and secure school records and grades so it can't be hack or gain virus easily.

Craig Prickle: A rookie security guard that patrols around popular parts of the school, and pursues those who have been detected by Vivienne. He took this job to be on the road towards Sheriff, however he cannot use an actual gun except against another gun. He can however use a tazer during most chases/crimes.

Marvien Siyken: Kindergartner and elementary class substitute for Archard when they take their break, and current student at Delta Rune United. While working for Kindergarten they call out any student who are appearing to be rude to other students, and mostly turns simple activities into small fun games while watching every student to make sure everyone is safe. But while in college their binder is a mess and mostly rushes into class a couple seconds before the bell goes ring.

Dexter: Food Teacher of Catering, while dull in the mind he always has a new ideal for a recipe every lesson trying to achieve the best for his students in lesson making sure nobody gets left behind or too far ahead and makes sure to always display safety first while catering, although he seems lifeless on the outside on the inside he's actually a rather empathetic person and tries to make sure what is the best for his students in his own mannerisms.


Juniper Herbst: An eleven-year-old student that can be found being bullied most of the time. He's very shy, quiet and doesn't like talking to others. He's one of the most bullied kids in the school, and one of the few that's left suffering, since others don't bother to report this abuse to the principal.

Impertia Anima: 13-year old high school student who is well known for being pretty dumb, but pretty smart at the same time. They normally skip class or sleep through it, but still somehow manages to move up grades.

The Tigris Siblings: Still senior high students since they were held back for missing too many classes and for breaking school rules. Now, they're trying to pay more attention to avoid having to go back to Senior High, but still going with their delinquent roots.

Paige Alice Kirkland: One of the humans in DRU. She is in elementary, currently 10 years old. She's the "Class President" type of person, she always obeys the rules, and disciplines the class at times. Although, she normally gets in trouble for bringing toys to school, which in her opinion, "damages her reputation as the role model."

Hazix: An eager child, Hazix does well in his studies, even if it is just elementary school. His cheery personality allows him to attempt to befriend many of the other kids, though he might end up scaring them off. He still retains his secret arsonist side, and waits for his chance to start trouble without being caught.

Tim Allen: While still 16 in this AU. Tim remains as a 16 year old human with his sturdy piece of armor. However, Tim modified his armor too make it a bit school-friendly for him and his students. Tim is always ready for any subject that he deals with, especially Magic. Tim is a bit of an unofficial 'security-type' of student in this AU, since he has only weapon reduced to his Shock Gloves and can shock someone if anyone causes trouble.

Maye Weather: Moderate music student and part-time janitor for the school she's always shown to be in class last with signs of being rather clumsy or shy, often she has hard times of expressing herself and is usually an easy target for being played at or manipulated due to her nervous personality, either way she still tries the best of her ability to work and tries hard not to get a bucket stuck on her head every so often.

Igneus Symphoniae: Igneus being 20 years old is in college, he is usually very cheerful and friendly even to those who may show a rather rude behaviour, he doesn't have a home so he lives in campus at the moment, he isn't the smartest guy alive but his grades are decent, sometimes he may get lucky and get a higher grade or the other way around but he will never show a sad face, even if he gets a bad grade.

His favorite subject is any subject in which he gets a chance to impress everyone and if he is asked for help by anyone, teacher or studen the answer will almost certainly be "Of course!".



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