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"You want your perfect ending back, eh? Here... I'll let you in on a secret... there is a way, but it's going to be REALLY painful. Trust me on that."
―Luke to the Human
Undertale: Forgiveness is an AU made by Golden Forge on March the 30th, 2017. This is an AU spanning across several playthroughs, where Frisk ends up doing a Genocide Route, but then soon regrets this, making all efforts to cleanse the timeline of its effects. The AU also introduces new characters in addition to changes to the original characters.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later... MT EBOTT, 201X

Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

Especially now that our perfect ending is gone...

Undertale: Forgiveness is broken up into four chapters, those chapters being Sin, Punishment, Repentance, and Redemption. Each chapter has a different premise, and each one takes about as long as the game itself, if not longer. The first two chapters are relatively minor, and the main plot occurs in the later two chapters.


Sin is the first chapter, and is quite easily the simplest of the four chapters. It is the Genocide Route that is played in the timeline, and there is only one difference, being a new character named Luke. Throughout the route, Luke occasionally appears to warn the Human to stop, before simply walking off. He never fights the Human, but he appears after the Human agrees to give their SOUL to Chara to tell them how much wrong they just did.

Bosses: Undyne the Undying, Sans


Punishment is also a relatively simple chapter, taking place in normal routes after the Genocide Route. These routes are relatively normal, and no apparent differences are really shown. However, if a True Pacifist Route is complete, the endings become corrupted as expected, then Luke appears to gloat upon the Human's actions once more. Afterwards, he actually decides to offer the Human a chance to compensate for the damage dealt. If the offer is taken, the chapter ends. If not, the timeline simply resets again. Completing a Flawed Pacifist Route results in the beginning of Undertale: The Revival.

Bosses: Every normal Undertale boss.


Repentance is the third chapter, taking place in a very special route after accepting Luke's offer. In this route, all of the Monsters in the Underground have become significantly more powerful, and many of the main characters have remembered the Human's actions in the Genocide Route. Many new Monsters appear as well, to prove as dangerous threats. As a result, the route is drastically more difficult, and certain rules must be followed. Every single Monster has to be spared, and any attempts to use the FIGHT button will result in immediately being killed, and being sent back to Punishment. SAVE points are very rare, appearing only once at the beginning of every region.

Bosses: Gate Guardian Toriel, Heartbroken Papyrus, Wrathful Dummy, Undyne the Undead, Muffet, Mettaton NEO, Prepared Asgore


Redemption is the final chapter, taking place soon after the events of Repentance. It appears as though all of the Monsters have been satisfied, and the Human may as well have redeemed themselves. However, Luke soon walks in to tell the Human that it isn't over quite yet. In this chapter, the Human must fight several excruciating bosses that were corrupted in the same way that they were corrupted. In addition, several puzzles of extreme difficulty must be solved as well. Dying at any point in time causes the Human to go straight back to the beginning of the chapter. If the chapter is somehow completed, the effects of the Genocide Route are cleared, and it becomes impossible for the Genocide Route to be completed again.

Bosses: Chara, The Dark Corpse, Luke


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Canon Characters

Main Characters

Frisk: Frisk is the Human, being the main protagonist of Undertale and this AU. When they were enticed to kill others, they ended up causing a Genocide Route. However, they soon regretted this, and chose to instead try to cleanse the timeline of its effects. By nature, they keep a certain tenderness in their heart, and wish for everyone to be alive.

Asgore: Realizing the mistakes that he has made, Asgore does the "right" thing by being absolutely prepared for the time that Frisk comes. And by that, he has the Royal Guard more active, has the Royal Scientist do more, and he even decides to absorb the Six Souls by the time Frisk arrives.

Alphys: Surprisingly enough, Alphys acts as a primary antagonist in Repentance. She believed that by not warning Asgore about the Human, or even doing anything other than hiding with the others, it was mostly her fault. To compensate, she becomes a lot more active, weaponizing the Amalgamates and making Mettaton's true form much more deadly. She even tries to release some of the previous Scientists' experiments on the Human.

Secondary Characters

Flowey: Flowey is the only one that is slightly different in the first chapter, as he noticed Luke and claimed he never saw him before. In Repentance, Flowey has absolute fear of Frisk, and hides from them the entire time. However, he soon sees that the Human is no longer Chara, and decides to go by their side.

Toriel: Having remembered what happened in the Genocide Route, she has "realized" that Humans were the true enemy here, not the Monsters. As a result, she actually helped Asgore and the Monsters out by killing three of the six Humans that entered the Underground in Repentance. She prepares herself for the arrival of the seventh Human, now being a gate guardian rather than a caretaker.

Papyrus: Papyrus becomes very different in Repentance, as he remembers being killed by Frisk despite believing in Frisk. He decides to make his traps much more difficult and unfair, and immediately tries more difficult bone moves akin to that of Genocide Sans. He basically no longer believes in Frisk right now.

Undyne: In Repentance, Undyne realizes her "true" objective, that objective being protecting the entire planet from the main protagonist. As a result, she doesn't actually kill any of the previous Humans. However, she makes every single measure possible in an attempt to kill Frisk. She even ends up dabbling in Alphys's technology, trying to inject more Determination into herself to become invincible.

Mettaton: While he still is a TV Star in Repentance, Mettaton now also has the major role of being an action movie star, which is practice for his "new and true purpose", as said by Alphys herself. He as a result has been upgraded, his EX form being scrapped for a more sustained NEO form with higher DEF. He basically has the same feelings towards the Human however, not remembering too much about them.

Side Characters

Sans: Surprisingly enough, Sans has no recollection of the Genocide Route whatsoever. In fact, he still believes that he was asked to guard the next Human that comes. So, he basically remains about the same, and is surprised by the actions of some of the Monsters.

Muffet: Muffet doesn't really remember much during Repentance, but she does end up being slightly different from before. Her prices of the foods actually reduce in the Hotlands baking sale, being 100 G per item. However, buying an item from her or using an item from the RUINS baking sale will not end her battle. Her battle is of course harder now, but not too much.

Mad Dummy: In Repentance, Mad Dummy remembers the few moments that he was corporeal. Now that he was killed, and now incorporeal again, he's now EXTREMELY furious. He basically becomes a more difficult version of himself with more dummy types, and becomes corporeal again by the time his battle ends.

Napstablook: Napstablook doesn't really remember the Genocide Route at all, and even if he did, I don't know if he'd have the energy to really fight. Napstablook serves the same role as in the main game, but of course his battle becomes a little bit more difficult.

Original Characters

Main Characters

Luke: Luke is a humanoid llama Monster, and is the only new character to be prominent across all four chapters. He serves as a minor character in Sin and Punishment, providing advice and insults for the Human. However, he ends up causing Repentance, and is there to greet the Human at every SAVE point. He serves as the main antagonist of Redemption, plotting the Human against the many bosses and puzzles to make sure he had his point across.

To be continued.

Secondary Characters

Bryson: Now just a stock skeletal monster rather than a Demon, Bryson meets the human for the first time in Waterfall. He's much more aggressive to humans now, as he now lacks his human heritage, and thusly any reason to hold back against humans. Along with this, many of his old habits, like hiding most of his body from slight paranoia, are gone completely. In Waterfall, he fights you immediately. In this AU, he becomes very strong, bulky, and quick. His starting attacks become faster, along with him getting a few more involving him attacking the bullet box with his weapon. He can be spared after 15 turns of hitting the SPARE option.

Thera: Thera's appearance and personality are almost unchanged in the Repentance Route, with the exception of her body looking more armor-like, and instead of her arms forming into large spear-like objects, they now form into maces, both of which are tactics used for intimidation. Along with this, she has found a way to move most of the durable metals in her body outwards, giving her an armor-like layer once again. She becomes much slower, and changes all of her attacks completely, along with a moderate increase in attack.

AC-498: AC-298 appears in The CORE of the Repentance route, after being released by Alphys, along with numerous other Royal Experiments, to attack and kill the human. Along with this, it was given the DNA of some of the strongest monsters in the Underground. The battle starts as AC-498's basic fight. He will stay in this form for 3 turns after the last time you get hit. After this, his form will change, to something resembling an amoeba-like blob with different-shaped limbs, each one being shaped like the arms of several characters from the game. With this, AC will use attacks from some of the toughest bosses from the Repentance route that appeared before. After 5 turns of this, it will change forms once again, to an anthropomorphic goat-like creature. He will spend another 5 turns in this form, using highly intense attacks. After these 5 turns, his body starts dissolving from energy consumption, and he dissipates into a pile of white goop. After this, if interacted with, the text describes it as a motionless pile of goop, with no core. This means that, no matter what AC-498 will not come back, therefore, it is technically dead. In the redemption route, his only changes are his form lengths, the new ones being 5, 8, and 10.

Anyu: After the events of the Genocide Route, Anyu's parents were more terrified than ever for their daughter. However, they knew they couldn't keep her locked up forever so her father, Kaskae, went to Dr Alphys and pleaded with her for assistance. She agreed and made a powerful mech suit. Anyu hates having to use it every time she goes out to play but is also afraid of what the human might do to her. Many now refer to her as the Greatest Dog but she simply wants to have a normal life and is angry that Frisk has taken that from her.

Side Characters







Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and HolyTraitor/Reddest for the page layout.

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