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"Do not "Tori" me, Dreemurr! You pathetic whelp. If you really wanted to free our kind, you could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE SOUL... taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully."
―Toriel Dreemurr to Asgore during the True Pacifist Ending of Undertale

Undertale: From the Ashes is an AU made by Golden Forge on July the 21st. This is a special AU where Asgore actually crosses the Barrier when he gets the first Human Soul, reaching the Surface as a result. The story is about the new conflict between Asgore and the Humans.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later... MT EBOTT, 201X

About one month before, a Human entered the mountain and never returned.

However, something else has risen from the ashes, and a new War is about to begin.

Undertale: From the Ashes has a similar starting backstory to the original game, except now Asgore realized he only needed one Human Soul to cross the Barrier personally. Only one Human falls down this time, and Asgore uses their Soul to reach the Surface with his newfound power.

This leads to a new version of the conflict at hand. It was the Humans versus one Monster with unfathomable power now. The main question is, what shall the conflict lead to? Will Asgore destroy all of humanity? Will he take only six Souls and free his kind peacefully? Or will he maybe suffer the same fate that struck Asriel?


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  • Human OCs are preferred for this case, as almost all Monsters are still locked in the Underground. However, it is fine if it is a Robot OC made on the Surface (Like Agroid), or a Monster OC that actually lives on the Surface (Like Teli in the past). Note: Forge intends on only having up to five Monster OCs in this AU, as having a bunch of Monsters in the Surface (Especially if they're from the Underground) would most likely break canon.

Settings and Locations

Asgore's Territory

Primum Castellum: The first civilization of the Humans, this massive city (Located about 10 miles from Mt. Ebott) was abandoned by the Humans due to Robots turning rampant there. Asgore eventually settled in this area, calling it "Base" and taking control of all the Robots with his power and research. This is pretty much the new Capitol of Asgore's Kingdom, until the Monsters are successfully freed.

Ramsington Palace: This used to be the home of the Monarchy of the Humans, before the government was overthrown and replaced by the Democracy. Now, Asgore uses it as his primary base of operations and house, intending on making the full use of it's communications center.

Augurium Aeger: An ancient mansion that used to belong to the archmage Arkar Elymas, this mansion was filled with atronachs, familiars, and other such beings upon Asgore's entrance. It has been now extinguished under Asgore's control, and some like Agroid have intentions on using the ancient spells inside to their advantage.

Cardell Keep: An old stronghold neighboring Primum Castellum, Asgore intends on using this fort for defense against possible Human attacks. While it is out of shape, it actually contains a mine full of materials, materials useful for repairing and making Robots.

Human Territory

Falmouth: The current Capitol of the Humans, Falmouth is a very impressive and large city located approximately 100 miles away from Mt. Ebott. The Democracy of the Humans rules here, and this is where they broadcast an official Declaration of War against Asgore. This city actually used to belong to the Monsters before the First War, which used to be called "True Home".

The Black House: The Black House is the official home of the President, and this is where the Democracy of the Humans discuss each and every one of their actions. This building was built when the Democracy was established, officially making Falmouth the new Capitol instead of Primum Castellum.

Fort Minbury: A stronghold located about 5 miles away from Falmouth, this is the official base of the Human Army. As it stands, this is the most heavily guarded area in all of the Human Territory, as it is the only place that currently has technology that outmatches that in Primum Castellum.

Ebon-Blood Tower: A huge tower located somewhere near Falmouth in the mountains. It is where Arkar's council orb, the Darkling Stone, currently resides, floating at its top and assisting Arkar in choices he can't make, as an advisor. It is also where Arkar plans strategic attacks and defense lines. It has twenty-five floors: The ground floor having large pillars connecting to a center where there's a pit of magic, being the teleporter for all other floors, and the 20th being Arkar's floor, where he sleeps, studies, grows alchemical ingredients and just overall lives.

Jacksville: A village located about 20 miles away from Falmouth, this is the closest town to Mt. Ebott that isn't abandoned. Asgore intends on taking the six Human Souls from this area, as it is closer to him than Falmouth, and it is far less heavily guarded than Falmouth.

Neutral Territory

Mount Ebott: While the rest of the Monsters do reside here, the Humans are unaware that they live there. As a result, Asgore has no need of guarding it, and the Humans have no reason to look into the mountain. It may serve as a battlefield however.

Xoamt Woods: The Xoamt Woods cover the first 40 of the 80 miles that separate Asgore's Territory from the Human Democracy. While these woods may make it troublesome for Asgore and his Robots to move through, this can make for a good guerrilla warfare advantage, making Primum Castellum easier to defend.

Greater Beetle Plains: The Great Beetle Plains cover the other 40 of the 80 miles that separate Asgore's Territory from the Human Democracy. While these plains make it easy for the Human Army to move through, there isn't much cover here, making it easier for Asgore to attack from afar.

Canon Characters

Due to almost all Monsters still being in the Underground, there is only two (MAYBE three) canon characters present in Undertale: From the Ashes.

Asgore: The King of the Monsters, Asgore is a kind-hearted yet serious Boss Monster. When the first Human fell down, Asgore took their Soul and made his way to the Surface. The Humans were aware of his presence when a hiker saw him walking towards Primum Castellum. Although he has unfathomable power now, he is unsure on whether to just take six Human Souls and free the Monsters peacefully, or eliminate all of humanity to ensure his kind's safety.

Frisk: In this AU, Frisk is nothing more than another Human living within Falmouth. While they aren't capable of combat as a number of Humans, they try to contribute when they can. Of course, they aren't the protagonist this time... they'll have a chance to shine though.

Original Characters

This is a list of original characters for Undertale: From the Ashes. Ask Golden Forge before adding any characters.

Main Characters

Agroid: The first-in-command in Asgore's Territory, Agroid was the first Robot to have ever been invented. When Asgore convinced Agroid that he was an ally and the Humans were enemies, Agroid was put in charge of the rest of the Robots, guiding everyone with his wisdom and knowledge that had been stuffed into him after all these years.

Arkar Elymas: The General of the Human Army and current Arch-Warmage. Arkar is currently in a state of arcane divinity, though he's not a God, and just powerful. He revived himself through a spell being placed long ago, coming back to life on a solar eclipse during the Summer Solstice (201X). He ran for days, until Asgore had gone through the barrier, and, eventually, met the president. He joined the Human side of the conflict and was promoted to General. He currently resides in the mountains near Falmouth, atop the Ebon-Blood Tower, most of the time meditating to improve his magic skills and his Bistre SOUL along with his council, the Darkling Stone.

Vivienne Enchante: Asgore's second-in-command deadly robotic general of the robotic army of Asgore. She was invented by the Humans to be a powerful peacekeeper that keeps humans out of harm's way, but due to unknown circumstances it instead wreak havoc throughout 1/4 of Primum Castellum. Through precise and careful strategy, she was shut down and put her deep in Primum Castellum... Until Asgore found her.

Hope Blackburn: The current President of the Humans. Originally an author on "mythical" topics like Monsters, she used her fame and way with words to secure a position as President. She's a fair leader, but has a very low tolerance for idiocy. She has two children, Zoey and Marshall, the former being away from home in a private school while the latter stays to help her with presidential duties.

Secondary Characters

Paige Alice Kirkland: Paige is an ordinary girl who migrated from Britain due to her father moving his business to that area. Originally lived in Primum Castellum, they ran a small shop selling different kinds of flora, but when the Robots started rampaging, their fragile flowers were broken, and their seeds crushed. They moved to Falmouth with the others and worked to get a garden going as well as a second shop. They now live in the recently rebuilt shop whose second floor served as their home.

Tiny Jack: TJ was just a street boy, making trouble. However, he, along with becoming a champion of some major boxing sport thing, he wanted to run a gym. This came along when the humans required training on CQC. So he started up a gym, albeit it doesn't run perfectly how he imagined, but he's ok with having the gym at the very least.

Alfie: Alfie, like his canon counterpart is a warrior. He still was a killer to all who betrayed Humans. His daily life is, like always, waking up, training, fighting, killing betrayers and then sleep. Alfie is in this A.U. obviously didn't fall down since of an arrow to the head. That being said, since he didn't get an arrow to his (Armour-less) head, there was no possibly of any permanent damage.

Romero De Shival: Romero is one of the strategist and mages in the Human army and Arkar's apprentice. He became a strategist due to his "plans" and "ideas" of ambushing others, though he acts like a child, he still has a mind of a great trickster which gives him the advantage because of his wacky, unpredictable moves and spells.

Solkien: Solkien is one of Asgores assassins, Top of his class of assassin, Solkien is a Swords master, and can use Ice, Dark, and light magic, and its that bad at martial arts, but he doesn't use them much, he realitivly dodges attacks. Solkien usually hurts the humans badly, but spares them in the end, warning them not to come back. Solkien deep down doesn't want anyone dead, and just wants peace to be brought back to Monsters and Humans, even if it means turning against King Asgore.

Electrina: A Robot of Unknown Origins that suddenly decided to join Asgore's army, she is reknown for wearing a cloak. She is a renown sniper doesn't seem to want to kill anymore humans than what is needed, and her shifting body parts shouldn't be underestimated. She doesn't socialize often, but instead keeps to herself. While she remains within Asgore's territory most of the time, she does some spying in neutral territory. Her "home" is near Primum, and she doesn't like to discuss her background with others.

Side Characters

Frank: Frank is a puppy who was found with their little friends when they were young by a drug dealer, who placed them under care, after awhile something was strange about frank (They ate a can at alphabet soup jjkjk) they wanted to follow the dealer, they even somehow began to speak. So the dealer thought of something, they tied a backpack to the dog, thought them about what to do; placed some small light drugs in it, and opened the door, Frank ran out and returned with some money, and after some time, frank became the first drug dealer who was a puppy, they have a backpack and mostly deals the drugs to the monsters and the humans, varying from normal weed, to steroids.

Senet: In this AU, Sally "Senet" Freud isn't actually a mage at all. Instead, she is actually the main newswoman for Channel 6, the channel that delivers the big headline that Asgore has been sighted. She is still addicted to board games however, and she wears the same dress just for the show. She continues to be the main woman to deliver all of the news during this story.

N.E.M.A: A robot who wants to be a rebel, but is simply too lazy. N.E.M.A works at channel 46, where they have a cooking show. But it has been criticized At how vulgar N.E.M.A is when they don't even use swear words. Their show is currently still airing, but multiple attempts to take it down has been done, and N.E.M.A is done with being criticized for Criticizing people, as they are now ready to do about anything to take care of the humans who try to take down their show. Besides from running a Cooking show, they also run a show named "DRAMA, LIVE!!!". Where them, or guest host's, discuss drama or anything relevant that has currently happened. But it is currently dying out because of Channel Six new's, but N.E.M.A continues to have it air.

Karth: Much like their main universe counterpart, Karth is still a roaming serial killer that strikes down the nobles. Also added to their list of targets are generals, as they want to disrupt the new conflict to cause chaos. They still are a mage, but they prefer not to use their powers.

Sae Tan: A famous noble known for his generosity, Sae Tan is helping to fund the resources to help the Humans and those affected by the conflict. He is advised by his secret friend, Shadow of Mine.

Ruth Aye: Although nothing much of Ruth is changed in this AU, she does not know about monsters, or anything about them. She did heard about monsters in Primum Castellum. Like Frisk, she does not involve much in the story. But she can particpate if she want to. She does keep her sword and her usual ablities, she almost never uses them. While Ruth does not have her own home, she does live in an apartment in Falmouth and usually visits Jacksville most of the time.





Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and HolyTraitor/Reddest for the page layout.

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