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Undertale: The Revival is a fan sequel/AU made by Golden Forge on March the 29th. It takes approximately 2 years after a Neutral Ending where only Asgore is dead. A new Human has entered the Underground, and a new journey is about to begin.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later... MT EBOTT, 201X+2

Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

However, one has returned, and another is about to enter...

Undertale: The Revival takes place two years after the death of Asgore, as a new Human has entered the Underground. While the old Monsters have stopped being hostile, many more new ones are yet to be encountered. Many new locations are also to be discovered, as the new journey begins.

The Monsters want Asgore back, and the human eventually becomes obliged to bring him back. However, many obstacles are still present, as Flowey is still around. Even worse, it is said that other Humans have entered as well... one of which is said to have a Black Soul.


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Settings and Locations

Old/Neutral Locations

Ruins: The Ruins are the beginning section of the Underground in Undertale. However, due to a recent cave-in, the route to Toriel's Home is blocked this way, forcing the Ninth Human to go through an alternate path.

Toriel's Home: Toriel's Home was the house of Toriel before she moved to New Home to rule over the Monsters once more. Upon entering the house, a mysterious Gorgon is encountered, before she soon flees to somewhere else in the Underground.

Snowdin: Snowdin is a snowy area in the Underground, home to many monsters such as Papyrus, Sans, and the Dogs. Due to the events of Undertale, the area is now generally peaceful, allowing the Ninth Human to come through with ease.

Waterfall: Waterfall is the area between Snowdin and Hotlands, and home to many other monsters such as Napstablook and the Temmies. Just like Snowdin, the area is generally peaceful, and isn't explored in depth like in the original game.

Hotlands: Hotlands is the area which houses the Lab and the Core, and is home to many more monsters such as Muffet and Alphys. Much similar to the other areas that were in Undertale, Hotlands is peaceful, and you could skip right to the MTT Resort without a problem.

The Lab: The Lab is Alphys's building of research, and has been expanded for further research and experiments, especially regarding the Barrier and Asgore's revival. The True Lab however is still cut off from the outside world, and it may not get exposed ever... emphasis on MAY.

MTT Resort: A stopping point in Undertale, MTT Resort is a Mettaton-themed hotel that features some of the most expensive items in the game, and has always been peaceful. The elevator now works, leading you straight up to New Home.

The Core: The main power source for the Monsters, the Core is now closed off from the public, probably due to possible damages caused when the Eighth Human had to come through.

New Home: Now refined, New Home is the capital of the Monsters. It is Toriel's new home, and has been colored to make it more friendly than before. Many more monsters live in the area now, and it's been a lot more active.

Monster School: A new school located in New Home, the Monster School was made by Toriel to educate all monsters, young and old, several lessons of many kinds. These lessons range from educational ones such as mathematics, and moral ones such as Sparing.

New/Hostile Locations

Home: Home was the first city of the Monsters, now abandoned with the rest of the Ruins. Due to the cave-in that occurs at the Ruins, the Ninth Human is forced to travel through Home, encountering several monsters that stayed behind there.

Tropical Oasis: The Tropical Oasis is the first new location encountered, which is a small rainforest located South of Waterfall. Due to an important bridge being broken, the Ninth Human is forced to go through this area to reach the Hotlands. The Tropical Oasis is filled with many wild monsters that haven't learned that Monsters are at peace with visiting Humans. It is said that there is a capricorn guarding the exit of the Tropical Oasis, and using it as his home.

Vulcan's Forge: Vulcan's Forge is a volcano located very close to the Core, and is said to be the power source that the Core utilizes. It is also the home to several monsters that still believe that the Humans are hostile, and the Ninth Human enters this area to look for someone that got captured.

Primum Castellum: Primum Castellum was the first civilization of the Humans, located nearby Mount Ebott. This area is encountered when the Ninth Human utilizes the Rainbow Key. While the area is abandoned, robots protect the area at all costs.

Old Home: Old Home is a building encountered by the Ninth Human several times during their transitions between several areas. It is said to be a figment of their imagination, and journals in the Old Home supposedly explain the Humans' side of the War.

The Emptiness: The Emptiness is a location between Waterfall and Hotlands, which is guarded by a large pool of lava. It is said to be an area that contains absolutely nothing, except maybe the home of the rumored Gorgon.

Sandtopia: Sandtopia is a desert area located north of Snowdin, and it is home to a small Western-themed town. The monsters there are mostly friendly, but there are criminals that will attack. The Ninth Human comes through here on the way to the Great Temple.

The Great Temple: The Great Temple was a mysterious temple lodged inside of the Underground way before the War. It is said that many rituals could be performed here for great tasks... one of those tasks being revival.

Common Enemies

This is a list of common enemies in each region for Undertale: The Revival. Golden Forge will implement all the common enemies to his liking.

Home: Froggit, Whimsum, Moldsmal, Least Dog, Gum.wad

Tropical Oasis: Touhead, Mamaya, Jerry Jr, Guerrilla, Reeky Tiki

Vulcan's Forge: Hot Rod, Mary the Suer, Ash Ketchup, Heatball, Paul

Primum Castellum: MeleeBot, RangedBot, MagicalBot, LabBot, BobBot

Sandtopia: Tumblr Weed, Greatest Dog, Sanddrake, Jack, Pyraminati

The Emptiness: Glitch.Wad, Glitchy Tiki, Glitch Ketchup, GlitchBot, Glitch Dog


This is a list of vendors available in each region for Undertale: The Revival. Note, vendors present in the previous game of Undertale will not have their AT/DF items available here (However the Tem Shop will have Tem Armor available for 9999 G).

Snowdin: Snowdin Shop

Waterfall: Tem Shop

Tropical Oasis: Furious George's Emporium

MTT Resort: Burgerpants (Available to buy from later on in-game), Catty and Bratty

Vulcan's Forge: Prince Ghidor's Treasury

Primum Castellum: ShopBot

Sandtopia: Sandloon

Canon Characters

This is a list of canon characters for Undertale: The Revival. Ask Golden Forge before adding any characters.

Main Characters

Asgore: Asgore was the King of the Monsters, who wanted to set all Monsters free by collecting enough Human Souls to break the barrier. After fighting the Eighth Human, he was soon murdered, and hope of breaking out was soon dimmed out. However, many plan to bring Asgore back!

Toriel: Toriel is now the Queen of the Monsters once more, and the owner of the Monster School. A stricter ruler than Asgore, she intends for all Humans to be welcomed. However, she misses Asgore somewhat, and feels that he should be brought back, somehow...

Dr. Alphys: Dr. Alphys is working harder then ever to try finding a way to break out of the Underground for all monsters, mainly because of how Toriel is a stricter supervisor. She is however also trying to find a way to revive Asgore... she may have even found a solution.

The Eighth Human: The Eighth Human was the last Human to enter the Underground. They had escaped by fighting Asgore and Flowey. While they never make a true appearance, they are referenced throughout the story, and are usually called kind and determined by other Monsters.

Flowey: The Main Antagonist of Undertale, and now only a secondary antagonist, Flowey was responsible for the death of Asgore, and nobody even knows about him. While he may have been spared by the Eighth Human, he still plans to show the world what it's truly like... "Kill or be Killed". However, he has stayed more in the shadows lately... something more deadly has been lurking around.

Secondary Characters

Papyrus: Now the sole member of the Royal Guard, Papyrus's wish has come true! However, he mainly spends his time tending to the gardens of New Home, as the Royal Guard has actually been disbanded. He still smiles every day, believing that the best shall come, including the breaking of the Barrier and the return of Asgore!

Sans: Sans is now a part of the Royal Council, a council set up by Toriel to help her with tough decisions. While he does this job every now and then, he doesn't really come around unless it's really necessary. In fact, he isn't seen for the most of the story because he's "taking a vacation".

Mettaton: Now a VERY popular star of the Underground, Mettaton has been shifting his attention towards his audience rather than himself the entire time. While he may have changed, he still has a large ego, and bases a good amount of his shows around himself.

Undyne: Now the Gym Teacher of Monster School, and Alphys's assistant, Undyne has made a rather happy change in profession. While she is mostly happy helping out both Toriel and Alphys, she is rather suspicious about their talks considering Asgore, and even more so when she tries to take Alphys's personal elevator, but Alphys stops her.

Side Characters

Muffet: While Muffet hasn't changed all that much, she has reduced the prices of her bakery items. She is also getting closer and closer to her goal of freeing the Spiders from the Ruins, due to her increase in bake sales. She may donate any excess proceeds to the projects of breaking the Barrier, and reviving Asgore.

Monster Kid: Now a bit older, Monster Kid has been getting more into sparing enemies, rather than heroically fighting them off like Undyne once did. While they may be a fan of Undyne still, they've been getting closer to the teen demographic, and becoming a fan of Mettaton for his famous line of "Who needs arms with LEGS like these?"

Napstablook: No longer AS melancholy, Napstablook has been teaming up with Mettaton lately, producing some really neat shows as a duo. He still owns his snail farm, and has been watching Mettaton's shows on a daily basis. He may become a slight inconvenience still, however.

Mad Dummy: Even more infuriated than before, the Mad Dummy has been looking for a Human to take his anger out on. He still however has no good physical attacks to use, having to rely on his double-edged magical dummy attacks.

Original Characters

This is a list of original characters for Undertale: The Revival. Ask Golden Forge before adding any characters.

Main Characters

The Ninth Human: The Ninth Human is the protagonist of Undertale: The Revival, who fell much similarly to the Eighth Human. They could actually vary in appearance, personality, and tactics depending on how they are named. However, their true objective is sparing much like the Eighth Human, and bad actions are mainly caused by outside forces.

The Dark Corpse: The Dark Corpse is the main antagonist of Undertale: The Revival. He is a mysterious figure bearing the Black Soul, whose objective is to reach a high enough LV, and destroy the world with such power. Everything eventually ties in as the story progresses, leaving one to wonder who he may actually be.

The Gorgon: The Gorgon is a Monster that was mysteriously encountered in Toriel's Home. She was probably searching for something, but fled soon after the arrival of the Ninth Human. Many rumors are spread about this Gorgon... and some say she could be encountered in an empty dimension...

The Temple Dweller: A being living within the Great Temple, the Temple Dweller is a mysterious figure dressed a lot like the Dark Corpse, and occasionally looks over the Underground from the Temple Entrance. It is said that he may be the Dark Corpse, or may even be another Human.

Agroid: Agroid was the very first Robot created by the Humans, and resides somewhere deep within the First Human Village. When encountered, he attacks thinking that the Ninth Human is an intruder. He is necessary for getting back into the Underground, whether he is persuaded or destroyed.

Secondary Characters

Craig Prickle: Craig Prickle is a monster encountered near the end of Home, and intends to capture you for an old bounty. He is unaware that Monsters are in peace with Humans, and that the bounty he is using is out of date. Nevertheless, he becomes an inconvenience at times throughout your journey.

Chouette Soie: Chouette Soie is an Oricentas monster who lives in Snowdin in a large boutique with their mom, grandparent, and sister. When encountering them they will be hesitant towards you for being human, but may trust you due to how kind the other human was, although they still hold a grudge for the king dying. Still, they'll try to be polite to you at first, learning from Archard (their grandparent) that humans weren't always bad creatures.

Mei Junchi: Junchi is an Oricenta monster and the best friend of Chouette. They live in a flower shop nearby the Soie's boutiques, and they live with their two dads. They will regularly visit Chouette and play with them, and is very over protective of them. Junchi will act very manipulative and like a trickster to the human, always taking the chance to annoy the human, or just playfully tease them.

Mersmis Alxyga: Mersmis is a monster living south of Waterfall, and the boss of the Tropical Oasis. He's usually calm and very monotone, but he can easily be angered by either harming him a bit, stealing his chili, throwing away his chili, eating his chili or do anything you shouldn't do with his chili. He's around LV 2 due to people harming and doing stuff to his chili so much. He can be found relaxing in the forest's largest pool, which is, ironically, near the exit.

Pachiratsu: Pachiratsu is a monster encountered in Sandtopia. Like in all other AUs, and in normal Undertale too, Pachiratsu is a weary soul. Pachiratsu is weak in LV and EXP, but they have a bit of DETERMINATION to live off of. They are skilled in running, as they are swift and agile. But agility is not all Pachiratsu has. They also have a keen sense of eyesight and acute hearing.

Ryker: Ryker is a monster that during the time the eighth human was around, never introduced themselves. He was acknowledged by some of the royals, and was latter made a assistant scientiest with Alphys, though hes not always there, but when he is, hes a very helpful asset.

Brace: Brace is a robot scout that is currently residing in Primum Castellum, standing guard. Will protect the Primum Castellum at all costs. One heck of an opponent. Acts like her usual self in the war while fighting, a cold, ruthless killer. Very fast, and attempts to catch the opponent by suprise. When she's not attacking, she acts like a very caring girl, tending to wounds of somebody who was attacked. When the battle gets really serious... she activates her more powerful form "RAIDEN-716" In this form, she starts to glow red, also when activated, she starts laughing maniacally. Usual effects is increased blade speed, faster running, and general stat improvement.

Naifu: Naifu returns to her original home in Snowdin and lingers there as a bystander. She would sometimes sneak into the Tropical Oasis to spar with other monsters. When you encounter her in Snowdin, she would recall the time when she met the Eighth Human. She now runs a small shop near her home that sells her various blades and baking goods. Can also be seen in Holland.

Side Characters

Luke: Luke takes the role of the primary narrator in Undertale: The Revival, because he was too bored. He does make appearances every so often to lazily cheer the Ninth Human on, and adds some flavor to the story with some music.

Valkir: After the Royal Guard disbanded, Valkir disappeared without a trace. He hasn't been seen for two years and only one monster knew where he went, and that was Lewis.

Zombeh: Zombeh seemed to advance his lifestyle over the span of time. His inn gained more attention and Zombeh now is making patents for new inventions. He gained some more appreciation for others, instead of wanting to devour the occasional brain, Zombeh decided to make an alternative meal, fish sandwiches.

OzTem Powers: With Asgore gone, OzTem was out of the job. Out of fear of her lies becoming unearthed, she fled, and destroyed her machine. No one knows where she least, until now.






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