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Undertale: The SOUL Stories, is an AU, that takes place after, Chara, but, before Frisk.

Deaths and names

The second fallen human was, Pati, the Patience SOUL. She met her doom from, Flowey. Toriel, didn't come fast enough.

The third fallen human was, Specs, Perseverance. They loved to explore, and draw pictures! They gave there items to Gerson, and died from a Temmie (hOi!).

The 4th, was Kyra, Kindness. Flowey, was nice, since Kyra was to him. They hugged everyone, and never hurt as much as a fly. They died from hugging a Vulkin.

5th, was Integ, who was Integrity. She fell to find out what happened to, Pati, her younger sister. She died from, 'Moldsmal.' The 'Moldsmal' put it where you find it now.

6th, was, Brian, Bravery. He fell in to find his love life, Specs. He died from, W.D. Gaster, in Snowdin.

7th was, Clover...we all know about UT: Yellow, right? If not, look at its wiki.


"... why are you being so nice to me?" -Flowey, when Kyra doesn't kill him.

"Pati...where are you?" -Integ, looking for Pati.

"Mom, can I please leave?" "... fine, my child. Leave. But... be careful, please." -Kyra and Toriel, at The Ruins door.

"Specs! Spe-ah! Phew! That could've been bad!" -Brian, falling into Mt. Ebbot.

"... that was quick." -Flowey, after killing Pati.

Battle Information


LOVE: 1.

Armor: Worn Ribbon

Weapon: Toy Knife

HP: 30/30.



Armor: None (given to Gerson)

Weapon: None ("")

HP: 20/20.



Armor: Manly Bandanna

Weapon: Tough Glove

HP: 50/50.



Armor: Stained Apron

Weapon: Frying Pan


LOVE: Depends on whether you did Genocide in UT: Yellow or not.

Weapon: Empty Gun

Armor: Cowboy Hat

(This section's a WIP)

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