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NOTICE: This is a crossover AU between Undertale and Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). There may be SPOILERS, so continue reading at your own risk.

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth, humans and monsters.

One day, a war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the monsters appeared to be victorious.

However, the humans found a new weapon, DETERMINATION.

The humans used this weapon to transform their own soldiers into monstrocities.


The giant, mindless titans nearly devoured the entirety of the monsters.

The king of the monsters, Citisdas Dreemurr, protected the monsters as they escaped into the underground.

The monsters sealed themselves away with a large wall, hoping to never see a Titan again.

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Undertale: The Wings of Freedom is an AU taking place in a late steampunk setting underground after a war between the Humans and Monsters. The King of the Humans, [Player Name], had befriended the King of the Monsters, Citisdas Dreemurr. The two kings ruled over the royal city of Reiss, and the Humans and Monsters were at peace.

One day, [Player Name] had gotten sick from eating buttercup flowers. Hours before they died, they gave Citisdas a vial of their DETERMINATION. King [Player Name] died without an heir to the throne, so there was no one to rule the Humans. The General of the Humans blamed the monsters for the death of their King, and declared war on the Monsters.

The war lasted exactly 20 years. At first, the monsters seemed to be victorious. At the time, it was believed that the blood of a human with DETERMINATION could save a person from death. According to the legend, Queen of the Humans, Fritz, wife of King [Player Name], was heavily injured in the war. In desperation, she drank the blood of her husband.

In a matter of minutes, the Queen's wounds had healed. However, the DETERMINATION had transformed her into a giant creature, the first Titan. Humans found out about the Titans, but at the time, King [Player Name] was the only one with the DETERMINATION trait. Soon, the Humans figured out a way to make artificial DETERMINATION, which they called titan serum.

The human government injected the titan serum into many of their soldiers, capturing and releasing them to fight the monsters. The titans were too strong, and thus the monsters fled into hiding. Citisdas Dreemurr injected himself with the DETERMINATION of King [Player Name], and turned into a titan, throwing himself at the enemy to give the monsters time to flee.

After taking refuge in the underground, the monsters built up walls to prevent the humans and their Titans from invading. A century passes, and multiple humans with DETERMINATION have already been sent into the Underground, and have all died.



The RUINs is an abandoned place, and used to be a city that flourished outside the walls. Currently, as its name suggests, it is the place of a wreckage, with burnt down buildings and broken down fortresses. Only the Soul Corps are allowed in the RUINs. The RUINs have been abandoned due to Titans drawing closer to the wall.

Wall Dina

Snowdinia Woods: TBA

Snowdinia District: TBA

Wall Aquarina

Echofla District


Temminus District: TBA

Nalira District: TBA

Wall Asrien


Canon Characters

Flowey: TBA


Credit to Hajime Isayama for writing Shingeki no Kyojin.

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