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Welcome to the Undertale Roleplay Wiki

- a wiki for Undertale roleplaying, fan characters, fan-fictions, et cetera -



Want to add a page? To create an article, simply type the name of the article you wish to create in this box and press "Join the Underworld." Make sure you read the rules and guidelines before you do!

Need Help?

Where do I start?

You can start off by joining the chat and seeing if there's a public roleplay going on, or you can hop over to the forums and introduce yourself there.

What kind of pages can I make?

You can make a page for pretty much anything, but the most common are OCs (Original Characters) and AUs (Alternate Universes).
We recommend that you use the createbox above to create a page for any, and every OC or AU you may have so people can read up on it if they want to know more about it.

How do I use templates?

To use a template type two opening braces ({{) then the name of the template you wish to use. If the template you are using has variables in it, type a pipe (|) and then fill out those variables, each one separated by a new pipe (|). When you're done, close it off with two closing braces (}}).

I need help with something. Who can I go to?

Contact any administrator or other staff member, and they should be able to answer any questions you have. If they cannot, they will redirect you to someone who can. You can also ask your fellow community members for help.

How do I contact a staff member?

Go here, scroll down, and click one of their usernames. It will take you to their message wall. Alternatively, find them in chat.

How do I become an administrator?

We are not currently looking for new administrators (or any staff for that matter) as we have enough already, so you can't right now. However, even as a regular user you can still help the community out.

Do you want an Undertale 2?

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Featured Articles
Sabrina Battle Sprite By Jaz
Magical Sabrina
ParTriangle studios strikes again with it's new and improved Magical Sabrina! An update on past Sabrina dolls, this one is meant to be more of a friendly witch. Custom lines, an updated box, and even the ability to battle, these dolls can do anything! They can even hold objects.

However, one should beware. These dolls can only be found in the CORE in a box. If you find another one, runaway! You don't need to know about the Magical 6. The nefarious Sabrinas with monster SOULs! Stay away from these dolls at all costs.


The fate of the whole world rested in the hands of UNDYNE, the head of the royal guard. They were about to take on the human.


The human had continued to attack, over, and over, and over, endlessly, dying every time. As they attacked, every LOAD become more and more difficult to stay determined. As Undyne killed the human, their SOUL shattered, but did not disappear.

She had done it.

But, alas, Undyne too died with the human, as their DETERMINATION exceeded the most a monster could take. ASGORE, King of Monsters, decided to absorb the SOULs, go through the barrier, steal another, and break it. After this had been completed, a new war emerged- with monsters victorious. The humans went into hiding. But then, they discovered a super weapon- a SOUL trait which was stronger than all 7 combined.



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