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You can start off by joining the chat and seeing if there's a public roleplay going on, or you can hop over to the forums and introduce yourself there.

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You can make a page for pretty much anything, but the most common are OCs (Original Characters) and AUs (Alternate Universes).
We recommend that you use the createbox above to create a page for any, and every OC or AU you may have so people can read up on it if they want to know more about it.

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We are not currently looking for new administrators (or any staff for that matter) as we have enough already, so you can't right now. However, even as a regular user you can still help the community out.

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Featured Articles
Emily Transparency

Emily is a quite fearful, dark red Alpha/Ulder class Agarif. She can be surprisingly friendly for an Ulder class, but can quickly turn sour at the slightest hint of betrayal. She holds some connection to Ulder, whos kinda that one friend that just sits there doing nothing while making negative comments all the time.

She had a rough past but she had most of her younger life wiped out when she was kidnapped then brought to Fadala labs. She forgot about her old way of life and a saw Ulder as her oly friend during those times. She has come to a point were she believes that other agarifs are evil. Secretly during all this time, Ulder could have brought back her memories of the past but fears of what would happen if he did...


Radiating is an AU inspired by the earlier Fallout games developed and published by Interplay Entertainment. With locations and morals based out of the Fallout universe, Radiating places our characters in an environment they could have never imagined. After several nuclear bombs are detonated in The Underground, by both humans and terrorists, the Royal Family is overthrown.

With all government authorities dead or in hiding, survivors venture deeper into The Underground. Tales of a tribe living in a canyon spread, as many flock to the tribe, and join them. As more groups arrive in The Wasteland, many feel unsafe, scared of what could happen to those they love. While leaders assure the people of The Wasteland that everything is okay, they lie through their teeth to those they are supposed to protect. A war is coming, and everybody knows it.

With The Wasteland in a state of danger, civilians are forced to make tough decisions. Armies produce weapons, men of war. The Wasteland is stuck in the middle of the conflict, poisoned... and begging for mercy.

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