1. If a mod tells you to stop, you stop and don't complain.
  2. Please respect and be kind to others.
  3. No linking NSFW images or videos, spamming, or minimodding
    • NSFW: sexual content, gore, etc.
    • Spamming: multiple lines of the same or similar things, large walls of text, excessive use of emotes, overuse of caps lock, etc.
    • Minimodding: issuing warnings and telling users what to do, despite not being a mod.
  4. Do not advertise other wikis inside of main chat
    • Linking one is fine, but don't ask or beg people to go there.
  5. Innuendos are fine, but are to be used sparingly.


  1. No godmodding.
    • Dodging every attack, dealing out instant death hits, having infinite healing items, controlling characters that are not your own, etc.
  2. Do not roleplay things that may disturb other users. Specifically, ERPs/SRPs and torture are not to happen publicly. Those may only happen in private if all parties agree.
    • ERPs/SRPs: Erotic roleplays; sex.
  3. Don't start a main RP without asking the other users if they want to roleplay first.
    • You must have at least three interested parties to roleplay in main.
    • If no one wants to roleplay at that moment, do not pester people.
  4. Before you join an active RP in chat, ask first. You'll need to have an OC page here, and be accepted by the leader(s) of the AU/roleplay.
  5. When a RP is occurring in main, please use parenthesis(), brackets[], or some other way to designate Out Of Character speech as such.
  6. It is generally discouraged to roleplay as a canon character. While not entirely prohibited, only experienced and well-proven roleplayers will be granted that privilege.
    • Permission will be granted based on vote or vouchers.


Cryptic Warnings

The following are some common warnings used by our mods here that could be a little cryptic, along with the rule they correspond with.

WarningCorresponding Rule
No 24/7ingRoleplay Rule 3
</caps>, </spam>,
Spam in a can.
General Rule 3 - spamming
</nsfw>General Rule 3 - NSFW,
General Rule 5,
Roleplay Rule 2


Unless otherwise specified, or deemed otherwise by the mod(s) on duty, the track of discipline will look approximately like this:

  1. Warning
  2. Kick (After 2 Warnings)
  3. Ban (After 2 Kick)
    • Consecutive offenses after your first ban will lead from bans of two hours to infinite in increasing increments.


  • Cooldowns from warnings and kicks vary by mod and severity of offense, but are never more than 24 hours, unless it becomes apparent that a user is intending to troll.
  • Just because this is the usual protocol does not mean that every mod will follow the same discipline track.
  • severe infractions will never be given the regular disciplinary track, and are subject to immediate infinite bans.

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