Note: There are no exceptions to any rules unless otherwise stated in a sub-point.

All Pages

  1. All pages must clearly define their author(s) with a link to their profile. The simplest method to do this is to use the {{Property}} template.
  2. All pages must reach a minimum of twenty full length sentences. If there is not at least that much content, there’s no point in making the page.
    • Any flavor text or ACTs listed do not count toward the twenty sentence minimum.
  3. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, et cetera must be neat and legible.
    • Pages marked as joke pages will be exempted from this rule.
  4. Pages may not break the canon.
    • Adding elements to pages that would fundamentally alter great amounts of the main story of Undertale.
    • AU pages exempt.
  5. Pages marked as Works In Progress (WIPs) have a seven day grace period in which they are exempt from many rules so that they may be worked on.
    • Seven days after the marking is placed, however, they are subject to all of the rules listed.
    • WIPs are not exempted from General Rule 6.
    • Users are advised to have a maximum of three WIP pages at any one time.
  6. Pages must contain absolutely no pornographic, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate content.
  7. Pages may not use the work of other people (eg: Error!Sans) as a basis without explicit permission. Especially not if this means the page implies that said work is canon.

Original Character (OC) Pages

  1. Character pages are advised to contain the following headings: Description, Affiliations, Stats, Quotes, Trivia, Credit, Gallery.
  2. OC Pages are advised to include one of the two character infoboxes: {{Infobox character}}, or {{CharacterInfobox}}.
  3. Each character should get its own page, unless they are a part of a duo/trio/other inseparable group.
  4. OCs should not have direct relation (blood or otherwise) to any canon characters. They can be of the same species, but not the same family.
    • It is highly advised to not use other close relations either, such as best friend or roommate.
  5. OCs absolutely may not be overpowered (OP). That means no excessively high stats, unreasonable abilities, et cetera.
    • A Good reason must be provided for an OC's stats to be over 10,000 HP, 50 AT, and 50 DF. The sum of AT and DF should be at or below 80.
    • 20,000 HP, 99 AT, 99 DF, sum of 160 may not be exceeded.
    • Teleportation, immortality, Gaster Blasters, time manipulation, unlimited summoning, breaking the fourth wall, and any other ability to make the OC (virtually) unbeatable are forbidden.
      • Breaking the fourth wall: Using the SAVE feature, knowing about the player/that they're in a game, etc.
  6. OCs from other settings/fandoms are not accepted here.
  7. OCs must be of a species that fits the Undertale universe.
    • Allowed species: humans, monsters, ghosts, robots, animals, inanimate objects, hybrids
    • Disallowed species: multidimensional beings, 'real' demons and angels, amalgamates

Species Pages

  1. Species pages are advised to contain the following headings: Description, Location(s), Special Feature(s), History, Trivia, Credit, Gallery.
  2. All species must fit the Undertale Universe. (see above)
  3. Species as a whole may not be overpowered.

Alternate Universe (AU) Pages

  1. AU pages are are advised to contain the following headings: Story, Rules, Setting(s)/Location(s), Characters, Trivia, Credit, Gallery.
  2. If you wish to have a crossover AU, leave it public.
  3. Do not take an AU from another site and put it here unless you are the original creator of that AU.
    • Similar or same-named AUs that have different mechanics or concepts do not apply.
  4. Although the acceptance rules for OC characters are up to the AU author, try to be reasonable and inclusive to everyone who wants to join.
  5. Do not use an AU simply as an excuse to make characters overpowered.

Personal Pages

  1. Personal pages are exempt from all General Rules except 6.
  2. Do not use your userpage or message wall to mislead users into thinking you are a member of the staff if you are not.
  3. Message Wall Greetings are reserved for staff members only.
  4. If you wish to create a personal template for yourself, please do so on your own user subpages. Do not make a Template namespace page for it. That is for official templates only.

General Deletion Policy

  • Regular users should not mark pages for deletion. That is an administrator or a content moderator’s job.
    • If an article fails to meet any or all of the above requirements, users are encouraged to immediately report it to an administrator or content moderator via Chat, Message Wall, or some external form of contact.
    • Users may leave comments on a page to provide constructive criticism to the author, but may not harass. If they choose to abuse this rule, they will be warned on their message wall, and must issue a public apology to the author.
  • If an administrator or content moderator judges a page as breaking the rules, they should mark it with the {{Delete}} template, which will automatically mark the page as a Candidate for Deletion. The administrator or content moderator must outline in the deletion template exactly what is wrong with the page.
  • Pages should be given at least an hour after creation, regardless of the presence of a WIP marking, before they are marked for deletion.
  • After placing the deletion template, administrators and content moderators must give the author at least one month to fix any and all outlined problems with the page
    • If before the end of the period the author believes they have fixed all issues, they are to contact an administrator or content moderator via Chat, Message Wall, or some external form of contact and ask them to read over the page.
      • The administrator or content moderator will remove the template if they deem the page has dealt with all of its problems.
      • The user is not to remove the template themself, and doing so repeatedly will result in punishment.
    • If the end of the period arrives, and the issues have not yet been dealt with, the page will be deleted.
    • Pages reposted after a prior deletion that are of a low enough quality to break the rules will only have two days to fix their issues. If the page is not fixed within the two days, it will be immediately deleted and the user will be issued a warning/block as appropriate.
  • {{Salvage}} and {{Inactive}} function as a deletion template, but have a different set of rules to them.
    • If a page's owner is blocked for an extensive amount of time, it will be marked with a Salvage template. The user will have one month to salvage the contents of the page, or to get someone to adopt it. To adopt a page from a blocked user, a user must confirm with both the blocked user and an administrator.
    • If a page is left completely untouched for three months or more, it will be marked with an inactivity template. The owner of the page will be notified, and can remove this template at any time. Should the owner fail to remove the template after a month's time, the page will be removed.

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