1. All pages should follow these guidelines.
  2. All conduct in chat should follow the Chat Rules.
  3. No spamming, vandalism, trolling, or harassment.
    • Spamming: multiple lines of the same or similar things, large walls of text, excessive use of emotes, overuse of caps lock, etc.
    • Vandalism: editing pages without the author's permission, removing content from pages, inserting gibberish, etc.
    • Trolling: intentionally trying to start an argument with other users, being a general nuisance, etc.
    • Harassment: insulting, fighting, using slurs against, swearing at, etc.
  4. Do not attempt to take justice into your own hands. If trouble rises, report it to a staff member.
  5. Condoning rape, thievery, murder, piracy, or any other illegal act will result in harsh punishment, at a moderator's discretion.
  6. Give constructive criticism. Give the author ideas on how to improve, don't just trash-talk them.
  7. Do not upload, edit, or use artwork made by an artist without their permission.
  8. Do not upload, write, or link any NSFW content.
    • NSFW: sexual content, gore, etc.
  9. If a moderator asks to know the Original Account of an Alternate Account (Alt), the alt must tell them. Failure to do so may result in a block or ban.


Please note that it is mostly up to a particular thread's creator to moderate it, and they may choose to disregard some of these rules to a certain degree.

  1. No godmodding.
    • Dodging every attack, dealing out instant death hits, having infinite healing items, controlling characters that are not your own, etc.
  2. Do not roleplay things that may disturb other users. Specifically, ERPs/SRPs and torture are not to happen publicly. Those may only happen in private if all parties agree.
    • ERPs/SRPs: Erotic roleplays; sex.
  3. The leader(s) of an AU/RP thread have control of that RP's individual rules, including but not limited to who can play what role, and who can start the RP.
  4. Please use parenthesis(), brackets[], or some other way to designate Out Of Character speech as such.


Warnings will be administered on a person's message wall (and in a thread breaking the rules before or when it is closed or removed).

A wall warning is permanent, and always affects the user. If a wall warning is removed, it is an instant block of the appropriate field of the appropriate amount of time given their previous blocks (or lack thereof).


Unless otherwise specified, or deemed otherwise by the mod(s) on duty, the track of discipline will look approximately like this:

  1. Warning
  2. Two hour block
    • Only applies to forum offenses.
  3. One day block
  4. One week block
  5. One month block
  6. Infinite block


  • Just because this is the usual protocol does not mean that every mod will follow the same discipline track. Some stages may be skipped.
  • Severe infractions will never be given the regular disciplinary track, and are subject to immediate infinite blocks.

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