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The Union of Specters is a criminal organization led by Scourge. It is extremely infamous and if any members are caught they are usually given a life sentence to prison, though if extremely infamous members like Scourge are caught it usually is execution.


Scourge-Scourge is the leader of the group, and is an extremely wanted criminal. He personally interviews all people who want to join the group, looking for perfect recruits who probably wont betray him.

Ranch- Ranch is the co-leader of the group. He normally runs the calculations on future jobs and heists. He is partial to the job of inventor of the group and arms dealer. Although Ranch is often involved in the interview process, he does not like interviewing "brutes".


  1. When the owners confirm your OC has been accepted they will be interviewed by Ranch or Scourge.
  2. DO NOT assume you will be accepted.
  3. You can submit an OC who hasn't been made yet, that you will make after being accepted, and you can submit a pre-existing OC.
  4. The OC must not be MfD or WiP and must be of acceptable standards.

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