Hi. I'm Bob. I would like to record my history...unlike all the Temmie who just say that they have one. I was born in the Temmie Village just like all other Temmie were, but my first word was "Hi" instead of "hOI". All the Temmie in the village were shocked, but then I lived life normally with speaking a little different;They have no problem with it anymore. One day, I went to Tem Shop and ordered a few Tem Flakes, but the shopkeeper was out of them. They never went out to get some more because they didn't want anything stolen. I vowed to help and set off to Snowdin to procure some. I was expecting some kind of conflict or action, but I had absolutely no problem getting the Tem Flakes! All the Temmie were saved and I then lived life casually next to Temmie #3, and go out to obtain some Tem Flakes everytime the shopkeeper runs out of them.

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