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Vegemite is a Vegetoid member of the Condiment Crew


Vegemite is a lime green Vegetoid wearing a red mask around his eyes that is tied at the back. He is very small, especially in comparison to the hulking boss monsters or the gargantuan Onion-San. His arms and legs are surprisingly lanky, despite how short he is in comparison to other monsters. His choice of weaponry are dual white, gilded revolvers that he stole from a very rich monster. His arms and legs are black and he wears red gloves and red boots to match his mask. He is about a head shorter than Frisk.


Vegemite is very aggressive and rude, but usually attempts to make things better for his friends. He can't stand being alone to the point where he will follow fellow Crew Members. He talks to people in a very rude tone, and does so deliberately. He is very into knitting and calms down only when he is doing so. Unfortunately, to protect his 'masculinity,' he doesn't knit when others are around. He may be a villain, but on the Genocide Run he will be too scared of Chara to attack.


Vegemite had an extremely generic backstory. One day, a Vegetoid was born. His parents named him Vegemite, because they had seen the Vegemite condiment in the trash from the surface. Vegemite grew up an ordinary life stuck in the ground and teased for being green. All of the other Vegetoids wanted to be eaten, but he knew that nobody would eat a green vegetoid. He climbed out of the ground, revealing the hidden arms and legs of all Vegetoids. He went deeper into Waterfall until discovering, and joining, the Condiment Crew where he is today.



  • Unknown Vegemites


  • Condiment Crew members


  • Nobody. You're either with him or against him.


  • Law Enforcement, almost everyone.



  • HP: 7
  • AT: 7
  • DF: 1
  • EXP On Kill: 70
  • Gold on Win: 80


Check, Eat, Ask about knitting, Kick




Flavor Text



  • He is the only Vegetoid on the wiki


Dove and Vinny for creating the Crew.

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