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Venyrr is an almost perfectly grey skinned Inpyre. He stands at 5'7" before horns and is notably heavy for his height. His horns are like that of an antelope's but only have one 'twist' in them, like so.

He has a long tail which has many many scar marks on it, to the point of it no longer being clear what the scars are from. His wings are relatively small and featureless. Comparing wingspan to body weight shows that Venyrr is definitely not capable of flight.

Venyrr's wings and tail are a black color, along with his hair. He keeps his rather long hair tied back most of the time in a messy ponytail. On occasion, he will add hints of blue dye to his hair. This doesn't show up except in bright lights due to the fact that he never bleaches his hair before applying it.

Venyrr's blood is clear, and tastes like Sprite. His eyes are a very pale and unsaturated blue. He is supposed to wear glasses, but almost never does.

In terms of personality, he is an incredibly friendly, yet incredibly over-protective person. While he seeks to make everyone around him happy, he doesn't understand the concept of sharing. Any kindness he would give someone would be in the form of a service. Other than the exchange of money for goods, he never gives anything away. Not only is he protective of possessions, he is also protective of people. Once he has made a friend, it is very difficult for him to let go.

Venyrr is also terrified of authority figures of any description. Anybody more powerful than him can easily make him cower in fear.

Canon Interaction


AT: 20
DF: 15
HP: 500
Gold: 40

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