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The Ballad of Vesijohtaja

The Ballad of Vesijohtaja is an old sailor's tale usually sung to children. What follows are the lyrics:

Beware fellow sailors, of a man like you and me,

With skills of untouchable powers, a rule over the sea.

He preys on us all, on the ocean is not safe from him,

He could bring down a wall, your chances of survival against him are dim.

He had a lust for gold, and would do whatever for it to be his,

Now he is gone, and his reign we will not miss.

Though you should know, if you hear this ballad from a fresh corpse,

Or a place, the place he was last seen.

He has returned and is ready for the world to know.


The common public image of him is a stereotypical pirate but with many scars and deformations due to the only recorded image of him, which is currently thought by all it was drawn by a fanboy (although he did exist) because he is now believed to be a story with a lot of character development. One of the most subtle things on the image is a golden ring with a very strange gem on the end. People can't stop thinking about it for a while once they see it, sometimes having very strange dreams.

In the image he also has a golden cutlass with rather ornate and gem filled decoration and a spyglass which is thought to be the only metal thing he owned which wasn't gold, it instead being silver.


Vesijohtaja's childhood is unknown as well as his early adulthood. But it is known that he lived in a harbor until something happened that changed his life forever.

He was hunting down a cult for personal reasons and interrupted a ritual for immense power. He killed all the cultists and then heard a deep, booming voice coming from the altar. The voice revealed itself as a representative of the gods and offered him the immense power the cult desired. He accepted and then instantly passed out, waking up on a ship with a gold ring on his finger, a lust for gold, some immense power, and a crew to join him.

He eventually found a way to communicate with the representative again discovered that he could not be killed by disease or age but still could by other means, but he was more resistant to said other means. He also learnt as long as he had gold he would keep his power, and therefore had a very large lust for gold as a trait that the representative gave him.

And so he went about ruling the ocean relieving many of their gold, eventually gaining his sword, which some believe he got the representative to enchant. Then, one day his ship was engulfed in a mighty flame, caused by and explosion, his body presumed incinerated. The fire was known about because of a small trade ship that recognized the ship and saw it burn.

But what no one knew was that there was another part of the deal. If he died he would be resurrected when he and the representative agreed that it was a suitable time.

These days people believe he never existed and is just a story created by some bored sailors with an image to accompany it. Many agree with this common belief of him being fake.

But some don't, but when they do believe he exists they wont have much of their life left. For they believe he is fictional until they hear his name being chanted from a very large and strange ship which just appeared out of nowhere...


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