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Vidian is a demon who has been alive since the ancient times, recently discovered by the Richt while she was residing in the Hotlands.


Vidian is a very monochrome colored being, the only sort of color on her being is the vibrant orange irises of her three eyes that are in her torso. Asides from that, her flesh is white, as well as her teeth and her sclera. The other color is black, which is the color of her hair that has two locks of hair that flow down to her feet, while the rest of her hair stops at her chin.

Her tongues are black and finally, her prosthetic legs are black. The prosthetics are from her knees and down, and were given to her by Katherine a few days after Vidian being discovered.

The uncanny thing about Vidian is the placement of her eyes and mouths. Yes, the word mouth is pluralized for she has three of them. Her most noticeable mouth is on her head, and instead of having eyes on her head, the mouth makes up her face. It's the mouth that consumes her food and it's also the mouth with the tongue that acts as her tasting and smelling sense.

Her two other mouths are on the palms of her hand, one on each. They do have teeth and tongues like her mouth on her head, but they do not consume. Rather, they're her speaking mouths. One of the mouths has a  feminine sounding voice while the other has a masculine sounding voice. They both speak together, and often the combination has unnerved some unfamiliar with Vidian. The only languages Vidian is capable of speaking is Glien and a very broken version of one of the universal Monster Languages.

Her eyes are on her torso, two sandwiching a vertical eye. They see fairly well for the most part but also are one of the must vulnerable parts of her body.


Vidian doesn't have much of a personality. If she does, then she hasn't shown it off yet. Since she only speaks in Glien for the most part, the only person that can understand her is Father. But even then he cannot fully understand her as she's very vague with her words and often speaks in riddles or short poems. This could be attributed to the fact that she's an oracle, and can partially see into the future by three months. She can only accomplish this fully by being fed enough, though, and the only reason she didn't predict the Richt finding her was because she was famished.

Vidian can be very desperate and will resort to anything for survival. In fact, when she became famished, she started to consume herself, which explains why parts of her legs are gone. Why she didn't go out to hunt for food is unknown, and she has yet to reveal it to anyone.

She isn't unapproachable by any means. She can listen to a person talk, provided she actually understands what she's saying. Most of her conversations are reports of the possibilities of how battles and operations carried out will end. Any other conversations are brief ones, usually along the lines of "Here's your meal" and etc.


gluttony SOUL

Vidian's SOUL colour is Puce, and it represents Gluttony, with her strong appetite for meat. 

Stats/In Battle

  • Health: 100
  • Defense: 8
  • Attack: 16
  • Gold: 56

In battle, Vidian, while having a hefty amount of health, is rather weak when it comes to her defenses. In fact, her must vulnerable part of her body is her eyes, so by taking them out, you've greatly weakened her and taken out a chunk of her HP. Her attacks are somewhat better, with her being able to predict the possibilities of her opponent's moves provided she's fed prior. But even the future predictions can be unuseful, as previously stated, there are several scenarios that she has to prepare for.

Her attacks are pretty decent as well. Her main ways of attacking are with her mouth or tongue, and she'll also use her clawed hands if needed. The damage is pretty hefty, dealing 5 HP (higher hit in Genocide) if you get hit by her. You can dodge her attacks, but you have to be nimble and on top of your game if so, because she can see what you're going to do and will promptly follow until her turn is over. 

ACTS in battle

  • Check (Upon this choice: "You might want to keep your hands away from her mouth")
  • Give (In Pacifist/Neutral, this will give you a spare right away if you have any of the following (otherwise this only disgruntles Vidian and keeps the battle going): )
    • The Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face
    • Glamburger
    • Hot Dog...?
  • Talk (This only comes out with Vidian saying an ineligble line of words.)
  • Flirting (This is the only other way to spare Vidian successfully. It will confuse her with her saying: *Not future thing?)

The only way to win the battle if you do not have meat for "Give" is by doing: Give, talk, talk, talk, and then flirt.


There's no battle dialogue for this battle, save for the "lines of ineligible words" related lines that the game occasionally spits out. It's easy to breeze through this battle if you are at level 16, considering that Vidian has a low defense. You cannot go neutral at this battle, so you have to kill her.



  • She think herself hungry.
  • Something ineligible. Probably another language.
  • *She like not the flesh.
  • Another line of ineligible words.
  • *disgruntled noises* (only upon the ACT give when there is no meat to give)
  • Not future thing? (upon being flirted with)


  • Something in a foreign language.
  • What is she saying?
  • More ineligible strings of sounds. Annoying.
  • The last sound from her is a cry. It could break your heart if you actually cared. (Upon Vidian's death.)


Vidian was born during the time of Richter and his great achievements, being considered a "young adult" when Richter left for his journey. As she grew, she saw Richter as an admirable being, and saw him as a source of hope, waiting for his return. It was during the time period of Richter's achievements where she learned her first language: Glien.  

She started practicing the religion of Richten, silently practicing magic in hopes of learning combat for her defense. Instead, she found herself training to become an oracle, only being able to predict one specific path within the future only by 3 months. She soon found the consequence of training this skill- having a worse appetite for flesh in order to fuel her ability to be an oracle. 

Vidian went into hiding upon the banning of Richten so she could avoid being sentenced to prison. However, this hiding ended as soon as the Demons became involved with the Monster-Human war. Vidian then decided to hide her involvement with Richten and fought alongside with the Monsters. During the war, she didn't fight on the front lines, rather being a lookout for her allies. She also learned one of the universal monster languages, albeit not fluently. When the war came to a closing, and the losing side was slowly being pushed back towards Mt. Ebott, Vidian foresaw the possibility of the Monster side being pushed into the Underground, she gave up hope of winning and accepted defeat. 

The whole time during the war, Vidian fed herself with wild animals, being unable to eat the meals supplied by the Monsters and Demons. She considered feeding on a human corpse, or even one of her own kind, but she kept away from the taboo practices. She didn't want to get involved with the consequences of devouring flesh from once living soldiers. 

Upon Monsterkind and the half of Demonkind getting sealed Underground, Vidian was disgusted by the results of the war, her militant beliefs of Richten rising. She became consumed with the belief that if the Monsters and Demons had prayed for Richter, then they would've been able to win with blessings from the Deity. Because of this, she went to live by herself in Hotland for years upon end, slowly becoming isolated from the rest of civilization. 

She didn't want to face the pathetic beings that lost, and so she paid for it, slowly starving. Her only source of food? Nothing. She didn't know what to do, so she resorted to her body. She consumed her flesh at her legs, knees down. She knew that this would take a toll on her health, but because of her monster property that caused her to not bleed out to death, only her health was sharply cut down. 

Even then, her autocannibalism didn't help her. So she went into hibernation, keeping her strength. She was in the coma-like state for hundreds upon hundreds of years, up until the day she was discovered by the Richt. She wasn't able to predict this being asleep and deprived of food. 

When awakened, she had no clue what year it was and had no clue what the soldiers were saying, only being truly able to speak Glien in her disorientated state. The group decided to bring her to the Underland to determine whether she was worth the time or if she was to be sent to Witzausch. In the Underland, she met Father and when he realised she spoke Glien, he decided to have Vidian nursed back to proper health, and had Katherine build prosthetic legs for Vidian so she could walk. He saw Vidian as a vital demon for the Richt with her Oracle abilities, and therefore made sure she was kept healthy. 


  • Vidian was made to replace Nia, one of AMO's other characters.
  • Vidian's name has "Vid" which is the latin root word for "see."
  • Vidian's oracle powers draw some inspiration from Greek Myths, with the many Oracle characters.
  • Vidian wasn't originally planned to be a demon. Just a mouth monster.
  • Credit to Dove for one aspect of Vidian's background story. He's such a wonderful bean.

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