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"Listen, little buddy... what you're doing isn't right. There's a crossroad right where we are, and the path you're taking will lead to a dead end. How about we all become friends, and forget this ever happened?"
―Vitena, during a Genocide run

The Lonely She-Deer

A young little monster and a kind girl, Vitena Kyzak, usually nicknamed "The Vixen", is a 22-year-old Inpyre hailing from the city of Kilon, whose heart is of gold, encasing a malevolent spirit. She is an excellent singer, and enjoys making music. She is a SOUL Harvester and a Flamethrower, being an expert at Fire Breathing.

She can be usually seen wandering around Hotland and Waterfall, picking up flowers and throwing rocks.

Due to almost drowning, she's been traumatised, and now has control over water.


Vitena was born a troubled child. She lived half of her life in Kilon, in a district for traders, near the docks. Most of the time, she was starving for affection, since her parents were always busy with their trading business with the Sieyka family. Her mother always had a little time for her to feed her, care for her, bathe her and other motherly things.

The father, Emvrus Kyzak, hated his daughter, and wanted her dead. The mother, Lumida Kyzak, unlike Emvrus, loved Vitena dearly, and would sacrifice her life if needed.

At the age of 6, the parents of Vitena got into a deadly fight and, eventually, out of sheer rage, Lumida was killed, right before Vitena, not before Emvrus' arm was shot off with a crossbow. She watched in horror as her mother turned into dust in front of her, and as her father devoured her SOUL. From then on, Emvrus abused Vitena badly, by doing things that cannot be mentioned her, and made her life a living hell.

When she turned 16, she ran away from home, - which caused her father to commit suicide out of guilt - taking with her the crossbow that was used to wound her father and her trusty beanie. From then on, she built her life from the ground up.

But things did not get any better.

Kilon was not a friendly city. It was a place full of racism, sexism, opression and bullying. Vitena was a victim of all of these and wasn't accepted into any jobs due to this. She eventually developed an inner despair, which evolved into a split personality as a whole. This did not help her ego at all, so she fled Kilon, and decided to stay somewhere in Mt. Ebott, mostly in Waterfall.

She still suffers from racism, sexism, opression and bullying to this day from other monsters, and constant whispering from Rabina, which just makes her depression worse. To hide all of this hideous past, she uses joy, and she's usually happy when around others, so they won't feel as sad as her. Or maybe even scared.



Vitena has the appearance of a normal Inpyre. She has a peach pink skin, black, hollow eyes, with red pupils, long, culry black hair, and large light brown-colored deer antlers. She has huge, red wings, which have thorns on its edges, and a long, pointy, red tail. Her back is filled with purple thorns, and she has abnormally sharp teeth. She appears to have a slim body build, with a small breast size and behind.

She wears a long denim skirt, a brown leather jacket, lace-up brown-colored boots and a white wool baggy beanie. Under her jacket, she wears a white greyish shirt. From time to time, she can be seen using a green scarf and blue gloves.

Most of the time, she carries a crossbow and many bolts and arrows


Vitena is a very friendly and sociable person, but she can be very persuasive. That is, when she's not fighting over control. Yes, Vitena has an alternate, inner self that follows her around and haunts her, especially in her dreams.

When she's in this state of hypnosis because of this "demon", she calls herself "Rabina Yusets", who is a crazy psychopath with a lust for blood. While being Rabina, her hair is all messy, and she has a very long snake-like tongue. Her eyes turn completely black, and she seems to be blushing all the time.

Though she may seem like a happy person, she's actually super depressed because of her struggles and past, and usually masks it with joy.




  • Chara (Genocide Run), Flowey, Jerry


  • Alphys, Mettaton, Vulkin, Muffet, Pyrope


  • Ms. Kyzak, Mr. Kyzak

Romantic Partner(s)

  • None


Base Stats

HP: 1000

AT: 8

DF: 10

EXP On Kill: 50

Gold On Win: 50/250/300 (Spare), 500 (Kill)


AT: Natural Claws - 10 AT. Bonus attack damage during turns while on low health. DF: Long Tail - 15 DF. No bonus effect.


As Vitena

Check, Flirt, Talk, Greet, Threaten

As Rabina

Check, Cry, Plead, Stay


Vitena can be found sitting on a bench, singing a tune by an echo flower. She will notice you, and once she stands up, she will try to approach you, and will start talking to you. But then she starts to twitch and tremble, and eventually turn into Rabina Yusets. During the battle, she will occasionally change from Rabina to Vitena back and forth


This is a list of abilities that Vitena has. She may use these in-battle.

Fire Breathing

Vitena can breathe fire and make multiple shapes out of it. This fire may be healing and damaging, depending on what you do to her. This is a very common attack and may be used regularly.


Vitena may use her sharp claws to attack you once you've angered her enough. This is a very common attack and may be used regularly.


Vitena might use her huge crossbow to try and kill you. Its pattern is almost the same as the yellow SOUL battle during Omega Flowey's battle.

Voice Manipulation

Vitena has the ability to control and change the pitch, tone and speed of her voice, create shockwaves using screams, form many different kinds of pulling and pushing magic and other things related to voice. This is her "Special Ability", gained when she suffered from constant racism and sexism.

Arrow/Bolt Manipulation

Vitena has control over arrows and bolts, and she can summon them at will, and fire them in different directions. She may make a few bolts and use them as melee weapons, as well as use them as tools, such as making a cloud of them where she can stand in.

Ocean/Water Manipulation

Vitena has the control over water, sand, salt, foam and other things related to the ocean. She also has better communication skills with water animals and monsters, as well as the ability to summon various lake and river creatures. Though she is easily fatigued when using this.



Flavor Text

"Vitena seems disturbed..." [Encounter] "Something's not quite right." [General Quote] WIP


  • Vitena's blood tastes like wine, and is purple-coloured.
  • Vitena was heavily based of Homestuck characters, such as Rose, Kanaya and others.
  • Vitena's original themes were going to be songs from Halsey's album, "Badlands", but the idea was scrapped. Though the songs still fit.



Thank you, Contactor, for the inspiration!

Thank you, nerdylizardperson, for letting me use the song "Psychosphere"!

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