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Vivian resembles a bipedal terrier to some degree. She has a short tail and pointy triangular ears. Her fur is a light brown color, with a white "underbelly." Her eyes are a dark shade of brown. Common apparel includes a solid black tank top, with black shorts.


Ivy appears to be some sort of bipedal amphibian, they have light green skin, with some sort of fin on her cheeks. She also has a elongated snout more similar to that of a mammal, with a black nose at the end. Common apparel includes a blue dress.



Vivian is quite kind to monsters, but is extremely fearful and hateful of humans, constantly trying to avoid them. She can be quite reclusive at times, and is particularly nervous around large crowds. Despite this, she would give her life to protect those she loves, even if it meant fighting a human head on.


Ivy is particularly caring of others well being, she will try to comfort those who are feeling down, but dose not pity those who do not need it. She is also very protective of those who cannot defend themselves, or find themselves at a unfair disadvantage, and is quick to lend them her shield in these situations.



At a young age, Vivian's father was killed in self defense while fighting one of the humans who fell into the underground while in Waterfalls glowing crystal room. Though, this was not what Vivian saw. She stumbled onto the two fighting just seconds before the human dealt the finishing blow, turning there father to dust. Just as this happened, the crystals in the room faded to black. In a panic, Vivian would run from the human, stumbling through the dark room for what felt like an eternity. She would never see the human again.

This event scarred Vivian, whom never completely recovered. After seeing her father die, she ran away, leaving her mother Nova to think that the human killed her too. She would train herself in the use of swords, and sand magic. So that this way she can cut down any human whom should attack her or her friends. Though, who knows? Maybe if she where to encounter another human, things could get better for her...Or worse.


Ivy grew up surrounded by some of the worst parts of the underground. Seeing those around her so hopeless for most her life, she new she had to do something to help the feeling of despair that lingered in the underground. She dedicated her life to helping others, training herself in healing magic, as well as perfecting her use of shields to prevent damage to herself and others. She has witnesses a number monsters "fall down." She blames herself for these incidents, thinking that if she had done a better job, they would still be alright.

She would in later years find herself feeling depressed, and unmotivated. Unable the find the determination to get up and do her "job" each day. Despite this, she carries on her mission, hoping with each passing day that the barrier will be broken, and she can get on with her own life.

How did they meet?

Ivy and Vivian met in Hotland. While Ivy was passing through the area, she discovered Vivian standing dangerously close to a cliff side, starring down at the magma below. Vivian would seem to slip from the cliff, but was caught by a fast acting Ivy. Ivy pulled Vivian to safety, whilst tears ran down the canine monsters face. Ivy would eventually escort Vivian to her home near Snowdin, at which, Vivian asked if Ivy would be willing to escort her through Waterfall again in the future. Ivy agreed to this. After several weeks on them traveling through Waterfall together, the two had grown very close.


The two of them almost always fight side by side, making use of powerful combos to subdue injured, raging, or just plain dangerous monsters (or humans) so they cannot cause any further damage to themselves or others.

Vivian's attacks consist of sword swipes, of which are often blue or orange, as well as creating a "sandstorm" in which tiny white bullets slowly fly around, with some occasionally being blue or green. They tend to combo this with there sword.

Though, the sandstorm bullets do very little damage, and heal very little health when green.

Ivy's attacks mostly consist of healing magic, though, she will sometimes place large healing bullets in risky areas, to bait a dangerous foe into stepping out of position. Ivy will also flood the opponent with healing magic if she feels Vivian is being reckless, and may kill them by mistake.

However, should Vivian be killed in the battle Ivy will attack with varying patterns of water magic, as well as turning large areas of the bullet box orange with her shield.

Stats (because why not right?)

Vivian: (If Ivy has not died in the fight)

  • HP: 1000
  • AT: 30 (10)
  • DF: 1
  • EXP on kill: 100

Vivian: (If Ivy has died in the fight)

  • HP: 1000
  • AT: 30 (15)
  • DF: 20
  • EXP on kill: 500

Ivy: (If Vivian has not died in the fight)

  • HP: 2000
  • AT: 1
  • DF: 30
  • EXP on kill: 100

Ivy: (If Vivian has died in the fight)

  • HP: 2000
  • AT: 20 (10)
  • DF: 30

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