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- Vivian


Vivian Nali is a 14 year old humanoid alien with a deck of magic cards and a twin sister, Sapphire.



Vivian constantly acts like she's on a sugar rush, due to being so overly energetic and her attention span snapping from one butterfly to another. She can really only focus or pay attention if it involves her deck of cards, fighting, or something about boys. She wishes to be famous and loved, but her attempts don't relly work.


She has a deck of magical cards, each with a different symbol. Depending on the symbol, the card she activates will summon an attack related to the symbol on the card. For example, if one card has a lightning bolt on it that she activates, she will be able to summon a jolt of electricity to attack the recipient of the attack. Its strength depends on how emotional she is during the attack.

However, her cards can be destroyed, both by trying (and failing) to upgrade one or if destroyed by someone. They can be repaired, although it takes all of the card pieces/dust, and even then, it's only a 50/50 chance that it would repair the card. If it fails, the card will be completely obliterated with no trace of it left behind.


  • Yumi (Code name given during production)
  • Viv (Given by twin)

Name Pronunciation 

V-ih-VEE-in N-ah-lee


She and her twin are exactly the same when it comes to their physical appearances. They're both the exact same height (5'4"), have curly blonde hair that goes halfway down to their shoulders, and bright pink eyes. The only difference is that Sapphire has had her ears pierced and wear silver hoops, while Vivian never dared to endure through the pain. If they were to wear the same outfit, it would be near impossible to tell the difference.

Vivian usually wears a thin headband with a flower on the side, which she calls her "crown" She also wears a blue shirt with flowers on it that goes down to her belly button. On her legs are small white shorts that go down to about a quarter of the way to her knees, the lower half of said legs being covered up by what looks like boots that belong to a knight's armor.

Covering up her arms are long orange gloves with a flower printed on them and the tips of the fingers cut off. If one were to remove her gloves, they would see that she has a small golden ring on the middle finger of her left hand. She also occasionally wears a yellow backpack, which is full of stuff.


Because the writer of this page and the creator of the twins is very lazy, they will probably not get a backstory for a long while.


  • Due to being so easy to distract her, even when she's fighting, one could easily take advantage of this by pointing out something behind her, whether it's really there or not.



  • Sapphire (Twin sister)


  • Sapphire
  • Almae Twilight
  • (Attempted friendship with) The Black Anima
  • Clarissa Mikasa


  • The Black Anima



  • Her energetic personality means that she can bug someone like there's no tomorrow, which can easily anger them.
  • In fact, her "jump into every situation" attitude is what caused Saki to dislike Vivian, thinking that she would lead Clarissa into danger.
  • She cannot sing.
  • She CANNOT sing.


Credit to no one.


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