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Unlike what his name suggests, Vulture is a sentient bird of prey. Instead, he is a reclusive robotic shaman with a beak-like face, tubing connecting his upper body to his robotic pelvis, and is made of a tannish metal. Over the years, ever since he was originally created by his master, he has developed faith in a mystical energy that shapes destinies, connects all life forms together, and like all powers, can be abused by the likes of those whose only desire is latch on to all the power they possibly can. That is what happened before his former allies betrayed him, turning what was once known as a sovereign Republic into an oppressive Empire that continues to choke the life on the surface world to this very day. Knowing that it wasn't his destiny to topple the oppressive regime, Vulture had little choice but to flee underground, hoping that one day, a monster, robot, or human hero would seek his guidance in the fight against all evil. Unfortunately, most of the residents of Snowdin and Waterfall consider him to be a crazy hermit, thereby limiting his choices on people that he can interact with. However, this does not mean that he doesn't aid the community whenever he can. Sometimes, usually when there is a major crisis on the horizon, he can be found in Snowdin, wandering the streets or frequenting the taverns. Hidden under his black hood and cloak, he gives helpful advice to those who need it, whether they ask for it or not, it doesn't matter. It is his solemn duty to strengthen the noblest, kindest, and most honorable of those living underground, while protecting them from any harm that comes their way.Encounters with this character generally tend to be peaceful, but even so it is wise to watch what you say or do around him, because despite his neutral attitude, he takens any and all signs of hostility seriously. In the confines of his small shack located near the outskirts of the Waterfall, he constantly spends his time meditating, training for combatant, and storing ancient magical artifacts. Rumor has it that he even has a dark secret lurking beneath his friendly by exterior. It is not altogether obvious, but the one secret he holds within himself is that in the past, he was responsible for many atrocities, and in part, he was responsible for the birth of  the Empire. Consumed by guilt, grief and regret for every death that he has caused, he strives on a day to day basis to atone for his sins by waiting for someone to mentor. It is important to remember that even when no weapon was mentioned thus far, he is not entirely defenseless. His current weapon of choice is a violet beam of plasma that emanates from a hilt, and when used in close combat, it can have a devastating effect on an hapless opponent who dares engage him in close combat. Among one of his favorite moves in combat is the hydrsa



(Note that many of the relationship slides will remain blank, at least until I finally have him develop relationships with other characters in RPs. Unfortunately, given the fact that I have both school and my current state of employment to worry about, my chances of RPing will be few and far between. However, this will not prevent me from meticulously editing this page until Vulture meets the current standards for OC's that this wiki upholds.)


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  • HP: 50
  • AT: 43
  • DF: 37
  • EXP On Kill: 800
  • Gold on Win: 450


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP: 50
  • AT: 43
  • DF: 37
  • EXP On Kill: 456
  • Gold on Win: 567


OPTIONAL* If your character changes stats depending on the run.

  • HP:
  • AT:
  • DF:
  • EXP On Kill:
  • Gold on Win:



Upon first encounter: (Neutral) "Greetings

young one! It is a fine day for adventuring in Waterfall, is it not?"

Upon first encounter (Pacifist): "Interesting, it has been a long time since I sensed a pure heart within the confines of a body..I sense that you will be responsible for great things in the future."

Upon first encounter (Genocide): "Do you honestly think that there was the slightest chance of hiding your secrets from me? I may not know you that well, but I can sense your wrongdoings and guilt."

Flavor Text

"Finally, someone has the guts to approach me after all this time. I have been waiting for ages for someone like you." [Note that this can only be triggered if a character follows the neutral oir pacifist path, and if the player chooses to interact with him at his shack.]

"You have completed your training, yet I still sense great turmoil within you, almost as if something is trying to corrupt you. Don't let it. Only the unworthy falls for such desires, and as you have proven through your deeds throughout Waterfall, you are among the worthy. It would truly be a shame if we are both suddenly disgraced by our actions" [The player must have fallen for his or her dark temptations after returning to Vulture upon completing the first quest given by Vulture and has to have least helped ten or more residents in either Waterfall or Snowdin. However, the of undertaking these deeds must have a pure spirit, otherwise any attempt to persuade him that your oc is worthy will be met by scorn or derision]


  • He has a fondness for motor oil and mead. Sometimes, he even drinks both at once
  • He absolutely dislikes the effect that cinnamon and snails have on his olfactory sensors. It garbles incoming sensor data, giving him the robotic equivalent of a migraine.
  • He, despite being a robot, has actual emotions that any sentient being aware of what these emotions are take for granted each and every day of their lives.
  • His shack contains a lot of books and artifacts from numerous time periods and cultures. Those that can't fit on the small shelves inside his shack are located in a huge basement located underneath his home.
  • His energy blade is of an alien design, making it a relic of a world that no one really knows about.
  • He only spends time at inns when he has a feeling that something important is going to happen there. However, his assumptions aren't always correct, and when this happens, he sheds the hermit facade and partakes in the revelry that usually occurs in taverns.


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