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WOLF was a secret team of scientists and ex-soldiers who were gathered by the Soviet Union to investigate the monsters and examine if they were any longer a threat or if they could be reasoned with. While the team was originally consisted of only a few men and women, over time the focus switched to women scientists, and no men. They were initially a team that functioned on the surface, and sent in different robots and probes to investigate the monsters. Eventually, they decided among themselves that they had gathered as much info as possible through technology, and that in order to further evaluate the threat that monster kind posed, they would have to go into the Underground themselves. While they lived Underground, the group set up a base well hidden in a large cave in Waterfall, disguising the door as a rock, the panel for keycards and identification was to the left, hidden in a small crack in the rocks of the cave. While investigating the monsters, some members would leave the lab to investigate monsters up close, disguising themselves as monsters, they would sometimes abduct monsters to be experimented on. While these test subjects were often released, they were always given memory wipes before being released, via intense psychological and mental treatment. While many of these monsters got the same treatment, capture, experiment, release. There were a select few who received special treatment. While special treatment was heavily opposed by multiple members of the group, certain monsters were given this privilege.


Lieutenant Felicia Coyota

Dr. Ashley Beagle

Lieutenant Danielle Taylor

Dr. Vera Fang

Commander Rosa Barks

Dr. Virginia Woof

Sergeant Sasha Fierce

Dr. Jenna Howard

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon

Dr. Elizabeth Coyota


Dr. Ashley Beagle X Lieutenant Danielle Taylor

Recent History

The few monsters that were given special treatment included Slade and a young monster named Ranch who was taken in by the group, and gave and education. Where as Ranch's special treatment was due to the fact that he was disabled and had little to no education, Slade was given extra care for a...much different reason. Unknown to the rest of teh team, Elizabeth believed that monsters and humans could somehow live in peace, and wanted to use Slade as a prime example due to his extreme aggressiveness towards her.


Thank you to Benalien430 and AshleytheBlindVisionary for help with names

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