Interview Log 1, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Coyota: So Slade, are you willing to co-operate today?

Slade: (mumbling) Ready

Coyota: Okay good, so, who were your parents?

Slade: I never knew my parents...I raised myself

Coyota: Well that can't possibly be true, all beings have a biological father and mother.

Slade: Like I said...they're out there, but I don't know them

Coyota: Well today I wanted to talk about that alright with you?

Slade: ...Yeah, sure

Coyota: Well thank you Slade, now, if I may ask, what species are you?

Slade: ...I don't's Iblis or something

Coyota: Very interesting, thank you

Interview Log 2, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Coyota: Welcome back Slade, our last session went very well if I do say so myself

Slade: Yeah...what are we talking about now?

Coyota: So glad you asked, it's actually more about you today

Slade: Good, my favorite person

Coyota: (clears throat) Have you, ever had relations with a human?

Slade: If that means what I think it means, no, I've never seen a human in my life

Coyota: That is, before my foundation found you of course

Slade: Whatever...can I eat yet?

Coyota: Of course, all you need is to ask

Interview Log 3, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Slade: Yay...another stupid interview

Coyota: The topic today is human-monster relationships, do you think they will ever be possible?

Slade: Not in a million years, humans are disgusting savages

Coyota: Do remember that you are currently being held by a group of humans

Slade: (muttering) Stupid bimbo

Coyota: What was that?

Slade: Nothing

Coyota: Now...I am going to move you into my quarters, you will sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag

Slade: Better than the room you keep me in

Coyota: If you show any sign of hostility, you will be returned to your room, understood?

Slade: Whatever

Final Interview Log, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Coyota: It has been 3 months since our last interview Slade, how do you feel about humans?

Slade: Some are're alright

Coyota: Thats nice to hear, thank you

Slade: Humans aren't that bad after a feed me and make sure I have everything I need

Coyota: We can't have our best test subject filthy and unfed, now can we?

Slade: I'm still just a test subject to you?

Coyota: Well I guess we can be considered allies

Slade: Where I'm from they call that being friends

Coyota: Friends...fine then, I do believe we are friends as of this moment

Slade: It's getting late...they're gonna lock me up tonight, aren't they?

Coyota: I'm sorry...they did not like the outcome of my experiment with you...goodnight Slade

Slade: Goodnight Doc

Interrogation Log, Lieutenant Coyota and "Slade"

Slade: Good morning

Lieutenant Coyota: You know why you're here, now talk

Slade: No, I really don't know why I'm here

Lieutenant Coyota: Where the hell do you get the nerve to knock up my sister, and then say that?

Slade: What? So now I'm on trial? It was her decision Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Coyota: You have ruined not only her career but her whole life!

Slade: But I..

Lieutenant Coyota: How is she supposed to explain this to the Soviets!?

Slade: Thats the thing...she doesn't

Lieutenant Coyota: You've risked this whole operation just to get your rocks off?

Slade: Hey, is your sister mad? No, so why are you?

Lieutenant Coyota: My sister could be the happiest woman alive...but I'm going to kill you Slade

Slade: Go ahead, it'd be a shame to tell her that I died at your hands, wouldn't it?

Lieutenant Coyota: I won't tell her I did it, you would have died of your own free will.

Slade: That poor kid, and no dad in, what a waste

Slade: You better start choking me if you want me dead by the birth Lieutenant...or are you too soft?

Lieutenant Coyota: I'm going to see my sister...I'm not done with you yet you scumbag

Meeting 57 Of The Women's Omniscient Logistics Force

Dr. Coyota: Now...I know everybody may not be happy with the current...state of things but


Dr. Coyota: Sis, this will go a lot smoother if you just allow the meeting to take place.

Dr. Vera Fang: After many medical tests, I have found that the baby is a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Dr. Coyota: Thank you Dr. Fang, it is much appreciated that you can support my decision

Dr. Fang: I am also glad to report that Ranch has completed his schooling, when is he to be released?

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: I have given Ranch his needed equipment, he is to be released by Friday

Dr. Coyota: That is wonderful, send my regards to him, and make sure he has proper military training

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: Will do, Dr. Coyota

Dr. Jenna Howard: After many psychological analysis...I believe "Slade" is fit to see the child as of now

Dr. Coyota: That is wonderful news Dr. Howard, he will be ecstatic to hear this

Dr. Ashley Beagle: D-Doctor Coyota?

Dr. Coyota: Yes Dr. Beagle?

Dr. Ashley Beagle: Does...Does the child have a name yet?

Dr. Coyota: Slade and I have agreed on Paz...Paz Meryl Coyota

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: So the child is taking your last name?

Dr. Coyota: We decided...we decided it would be best for her to have my have a normal life

Lieutenant Coyota: So the meeting is at a close then? Wonderful, time to go show Paz to her "father"

Visitation Log 1, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Slade: C-Can I hold her?

Dr. Coyota: Of course you can Slade, why wouldn't I want you to?

Slade: I don't know...I've never been good with kids...they're scared of me

Dr. Coyota: Here, I promise she won't be scared

(Dr. Coyota hands Paz to Slade)

Slade: U-Uhm...hi there

(Paz Smiles)

Slade: D-Doctor...s-she smiled at me

Dr. Coyota: know you can call me Elizabeth...and of course she's smiling, she loves you

Slade: But...why...nobody here likes me...not even the Drill Sergeant, and she's nice

Dr. Coyota: Slade...they don't hate you they just...they're mad right now...alright? I'm sorry

Slade: I-It's not your, take her, w-when am I getting kicked out?

Dr. Coyota: Kicked out? Slade, you're not being kicked out, you're staying here

Slade: Whatever...thanks Elizabeth...seeing you two was nice

Visitation Log 2, Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon and "Slade"

Slade: Good morning Alexis, did you bring Paz?

Drill Sergeant Mibon: Yes...and refer to me as Drill Sergeant Milbon

Slade: Yes mam

(Drill Sergeant Milbon hands Paz to Slade)

Slade: Hey little girl, how are you today?

(Paz laughs at Slade)

Slade: Happy as usual? Is mommy doing okay?

(Paz keeps laughing as Slade holds her)

Slade: Man, you really like laughing, he, just like mom

Slade: Is anyone else here to visit me?

Drill Sergeant Milbon: Doctor Howard is here to ask a few questions for your psychological profile.

(Slade hands Paz to Drill Sergeant Milbon, and Paz waves)

Slade: Let her in

Slade: Paz, can you say bye bye? Say bye to daddy

(Paz babbles)

Interrogation Log 2 Lieutenant Coyota and "Slade"

Slade: What is it this time, princess?

Lieutenant Coyota: What kind of sick game are you playing?

Slade: I don't have any idea what you're talking about

Lieutenant Coyota: First, you come here, and insult my sister

Slade: Mhm, following

Lieutenant Coyota: You THEN are allowed in her quarters and....VIOLATE HER

Slade: It was of her own free will

Lieutenant Coyota: Get her pregnant, and don't show up to your daughter's birth

Slade: You kept me in here when she was born

Lieutenant Coyota: You are given weekly visitation

Slade: Yeah, its fun

Lieutenant Coyota: You interfere with my sister's work

Slade: Kinda

Lieutenant Coyota: And then you have the audacity to talk to me like you do!

Slade: Yeah, that sums it up well

(Lieutenant Coyota locks the door)

Lieutenant Coyota: Well I'm gonna teach you a lesson

Slade: W-What are you doing with that? Put that down, we're all friends Felicia

Lieutenant Coyota: Don't call me that, you will refer to me by rank from now on, and will respect me


Lieutenant Coyota: A little gift, for setting our work back by at least ten years

Slade: Y-You cut my face!

Lieutenant Coyota: Enjoy the wound, my sister isn't going to help you now

Slade: I-I'll get you...I'll hurt you

Lieutenant Coyota: Good luck with that

Discipline Log 1, Lieutenant Coyota

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: The other day, "Slade" was found with wound near his eye

Lieutenant Coyota: And you think I did it, I've never hurt anybody!

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: Ah, but you're the only one with any anger towards him

Lieutenant Coyota: F-Fine I cut him! But he deserves it! He's scum! He deserves to be shot!

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: We are here to investigate monsters Coyota, not kill them



Lieutenant Coyota: You sick bastards are experiment on it? The kid?

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: Going to? We've already started the experiments Lieutenant!

Lieutenant Coyota: T-Thats disgusting! How could you do such a thing? AND TO A CHILD!

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: Dr. Coyota gave the order herself, we need to understand the child.


Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: We will do what must be done

Emergency Log 1 Dr. Coyota

Dr. Coyota: Slade, it's time to ea-

(Slade is not in his room, and Coyota drops the tray the food was on)

Dr. Coyota: Uh, little sis, have you seen Slade anywhere?

(Coyota walks to Lieutenant Coyota's quarters, to find she is not there)

Dr. Coyota: No, No, No, this can't be happening, I mean, she wouldn't do that...r-right?!

(Coyota runs into her own quarters, to find PAz's crib is empty)


Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: GOD WHO'S MISSING?!

Dr. Coyota: My sister took Slade and Paz....oh my god...s-shes gonna kill him

Drill Sergeant Alexis Milbon: I'll gather the Lieutenants

Voice Log 1 Lieutenant Coyota and Slade

Slade: The Barrier? What are you gonna do here princess? You can't just walk your way out!

Lieutenant Coyota: Oh, but with your SOUL I can, it'll actually be pretty easy

Slade: How? You think Elizabeth isn't coming? Because she is!

Lieutenant Coyota: Oh, but you're on the ground, tied up, and I have a gun! Ooo, better luck next time

Slade: So you're gonna kill me them? Risk your sister's happiness?

Lieutenant Coyota: My sister isn't ready for this kind of responsibility, so I'll take care of the child.

Slade: Ooo, nice idea, and what are you gonna tell her about he dad?

Lieutenant Coyota: That her father was a scumbag who didn't care for anybody other than himself!

Slade: Oh, that hurt Coyota, that hurt my feelings REAL bad, can you please not be like that?

(Coyota pistol whips Slade, knocking him out, she sets Paz down a few feet away from Slade)

Paz: (babbling) Dadadadada

Lieutenant Coyota: Yup, say bye bye to dada, last time you're gonna see him

(Lieutenant Coyota aims a Desert Eagle at Slade, pulling the trigger...)

(The gun clicks, the clip is empty)

Lieutenant Coyota: Stupid gun

(Lieutenant Coyota reloads, and points the gun at Slade once again)

Lieutenant Coyota: Goodbye, scumbag

(Lieutenant Coyota pulls the trigger, and fires at Slade)

Emergency Log 2, Dr. Coyota and Lieutenant Taylor

Lieutenant Taylor: Dr. Coyota, please, calm down


Lieutenant Taylor: Trust me, things aren't as bad as they seem, I promise you, we will get them both

(As Coyota and Taylor approach the barrier, they see Slade on the ground, and Lieutenant Coyota)

Lieutenant Taylor: Coyota! It's over, put the child down and hand yourself over peacefully!

Lieutenant Coyota: I'm being arrested? For saving our work? Our organization?

(Dr. Coyota runs over to Slade, crying)

Dr. Coyota: How could you do this to me Felicia? You're my own sister for god's sake!

Lieutenant Coyota: He was trash! He was a rogue variable! I simplified our whole equation!


(Lieutenant Coyota grabs her Desert Eagle, putting it to her head)


(Lieutenant Coyota pulls the trigger)

(The gun clicks, the clip is empty)

(Lieutenant Coyota is tackled by Lieutenant Taylor, and restrained with handcuffs)

Lieutenant Taylor: Under supreme law of the WOLF Task Force, I hereby declare you under arrest!

(Slade is brought back to the lab to be treated for injuries, if he is dead is still uncertain)

Rehabilitation Log 1, Dr. Coyota and Lieutenant Coyota

Dr. Coyota: Good morning Lieutenan-I mean Felicia

Lieutenant Coyota: What do you want?

Dr. Coyota: You realized you wounded Slade in several places, correct?

Lieutenant Coyota: I was trying to save you.

Dr. Coyota: He's currently unconscious, Felicia...he's dying right now.

Lieutenant Coyota: Good, he deserves it.

Dr. Coyota: Do you not realize how much pain you have put the team through recently?

Lieutenant Coyota: They hate Slade, why would they care?

Dr. Coyota: Because Slade is still a valuable source of information, and I care about him deeply.

Lieutenant Coyota: What are the Soviets going to think when we arrive with a baby?

Dr. Coyota: I will tell them I was pregnant went sent here, or that I met one of the men teams.

Lieutenant Coyota: And then I'll be executed for trying to kill him.

Dr. Coyota: You will be exiled if we cannot rehabilitate you.

Lieutenant Coyota: You're just mad I shot your little fuck buddy.

Dr. Coyota: He's not...we're's not like that Felicia

Lieutenant Coyota: Then what IS it like? Are you getting married? Are you gonna go on a date?

Dr. Coyota: I'm mad because you shot the father of my child Felicia, that's why I'm mad at you.

Lieutenant Coyota: So? Am I being reinstated as a member of WOLF?

Dr. Coyota: That is up to Drill Sergeant Milbon, it is not my decision.

Lieutenant Coyota: And what does the Drill Sergeant think?

Dr. Coyota: She thinks you can join once again, you will be re-awarded Lieutenant status.

Lieutenant Coyota: Good, thanks for your help big sis

Dr. Coyota: You're no sister of mine...not after what you did to him.

Medical Update On "Slade", Dr. Fang

(Slade is gaining consciousness, lying in a hospital bed in the Medical Ward)

Dr. Fang: Good evening Slade, how do you feel?

Slade: C-Coyota....Paz...w...where are they?

Dr. Fang: Dr. Coyota and Paz are currently asleep, it is 3 AM, after all

Slade: waited for me to wake up....even at night?

Dr. Fang: Each staff member took shifts, but that isn't the point

Slade: Then what IS the point?

Dr. Fang: You have received a crippling injury, you're lucky to be alive...

Slade: Anything too bad?

Dr. Fang: You may have a problem with emotions from now on, in other words, you won't be "normal"

Slade: I-I want to see Coyota....and my daughter

Dr. Fang: Not so fast Slade, I need to check your vitals, and you need to get some rest

Slade: B-But Coyota! And my daughter!

Dr. Fang: They'll both be here in the morning, now go to sleep please

Visitation Log 3, Dr. Coyota and "Slade"

Dr. Coyota: O-Oh thank god you're safe Slade

(Coyota hugs Slade tightly, which surprises Slade)

Slade: N-Nice to see you too...h-honey

(Coyota blushes, before laughing softly)

Coyota: I brought someone who's even MORE excited to see you than me!

(Slade smiles, and Coyota hands Paz to Slade)

Slade: Hehe, there you are cutie, daddy's glad to see you!

(Paz smiles and babbles, holding onto Slade almost like a hug)

Coyota: She missed you so much, she's starting to look just like you

(Slade looked at Paz, noticing her curly hair and how her eyes strangely change color)

Slade: Naw, she looks more like you than me, I mean, after all you're both really cute

(Coyota blushes again, before grabbing Paz back)

Coyota: Are you...feeling alright after your...accident?

Slade: You mean after your sister shot me? Yeah...I feel okay.

Coyota: I'm sorry Slade....again, this is all my fault, but...I wanted to talk to you about something

Slade: Yeah?

Coyota: I feel it would be best...if you were let go and WOLF and I raised she can live a normal life

Slade: S-So I'm not normal?

Coyota: Slade, no, that isn't what I meant! You're perfect, more than I deserve!

Slade: Oh, drop the act Coyota! Just say it to my face already! You think I'm not fit to raise her with you!

(Tears are welling up in Coyota's eyes, she looks upset, and starts to stutter)

Coyota: S-Slade I would n-never say anything like t-that


Coyota: N-No Slade, thats n-not true, I l-love you, please don't d-do this!

Slade: Y-You even said that they didn't like the result of your "experiment" when I was put in my cell again!

(Slade starts counting on his fingers)

Coyota: Slade, p-please, calm down honey, you're gonna scare Paz!

Slade: Y-You said the "experiment" thing...s-six months were pregnant with Paz...

Coyota: Slade! That's not what I meant!

Slade: Paz is just....some sort of science project to you...l-like a fucking pet!

Coyota: No, I love her! I promise! The others only want to study her for her own good!

Slade: Hand her over....I'm leaving

Coyota: N-No! You have to stay! She needs yo...I-I NEED YOU!

Slade: Keep telling yourself that

(Slade tries to get out of his hospital bed, but Coyota sets Paz down and restrains him)

Slade: L-Let me go Coyota!



Coyota: We just need a little more research! I'm not letting you wreck our entire operation!

Slade: E-Elizabeth! Please! L-Leave me alone!

(Slade tries to throw Coyota off, but by the time he can, he is strapped down to his bed)

Slade: Elizabeth, l-let me go! I want to leave, I wanna go home!

Coyota: No Slade, we need you for research, you'll be let go when we're done, then you can go home.

(Coyota picks up Paz, who smiles and waves at Slade)

Coyota: Say bye bye to daddy!

(Paz babbles and continues to wave at Slade)

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