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"Greetings, fellow human. It is I - Warskull. The ruler of this graveful land."
―Upon meeting Warskull at his throne room.
Warskull, also known as War for short, is a skeletal-type monster as well as the ruler of Land of the Grave.




Warskull appear as a tall skeleton wearing long grey robes and a white necklace. In addition to his head, he sport with long, ram-like horns, a cross-shaped mark on his forehead, and glowing green eyes with his left eye possessing a yellow iris. His mouth appears to have teeth from his upper jaw only.

"Skull Beast"

At Genocide Route in his monstrous hybrid form during the battle, Warskull appears bigger and more dragon-like. Being a terrifying beast, he is no longer bipedal but on all fours. His body is larger and paws armed with razor-sharp claws. Surprisingly, he got total seven skull-like dragon heads. The middle head sport with crown of four horns while six others only sport with two. From the middle head's forehead, his cross-shaped mark is replaced by a third eye - being red and yellow colored surrounded by flames. Furthermore, from the back, he sport with a long tail with spikes at the end. He sprout with a pair of large, withered-looking wings printed with black and white stained-glass textures.


From the past while at the Human Kingdom after bringing to life by the sorcerer's magical eye, Warskull is originally calm and very gentleman-like until his brother's death after the battle. After discovering Needleteeth's death, he felt incredibly heart-broken and despaired. Those feelings traumatized him, and became sarcastic, ill-tempered, and filled with hatred against humans.

During the battle between Warskull and the protagonist, he becomes a bit aggressive while guarding the Krystal of Wisdom.

If the protagonist spares him enough during the battle, his attitude ultimately reverts. He no longer hated the humans anymore. Finally, he seems to be a lot happier when he realized that Needleteeth is resurrected back to life thanks to W. D. Gaster.

In his beast/dragon hybrid form during the battle at Genocide Route previously after the protagonist choose to kill him at the Land of the Grave, Warskull is much aggressive than his normal form - a such ferocious monster he was. Even in his monstrous form, he is still capable of speaking.


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From under the Human King's castle, he is once a lifeless statue located from the old sorcerer's alchemist lab. The human sorcerer use to own a special magical eye for his left eye-socket until his death at old age. While dying, the sorcerer couldn't find any wizards or sorcerers to own his magical eye, so he insert it into Warskull's statue by the left eye-socket. Suddenly afterwards, the whole stone shatters while becoming a one living skeletal being obtaining such powers and spells.

He went upstairs and outside of the castle. Warskull then decides to have guardians in order to have him protected from enemies (and later his castle of the "Land of the Grave"), so he grasp both of his hands and summon magic on the castle's gargoyles causing them to come alive. Warskull also revive the Needleteeth statue (the one from under the castle's entrance) with his magic after he thought "If only I have a family member so I'll never have to feel so lonely.".

Both Warskull and Needleteeth became two of the multiple monsters to live in the Human Kingdom - Needleteeth work as one of the Monster Guards at the Human King's castle while Warskull live in the cave at the top of the mountains while practicing sorcery. Until when the accident involving human SOULs happen, the two brothers, as well as other monsters, were urged to be sent to the Monster Kingdom known as "The Underground".

In the Underground, while Needleteeth becoming King Asgore's royal guard, Warskull also became Asgore's adviser and court magician. After the war between humans and monsters has ended and hearing the news about Needleteeth's death, Warskull breaks into pure grief and wept over his deceased brother. As a result, he retire of being Asgore's adviser/magician and quietly travel into the caverns deeply from under the Monster Kingdom. Once he enters a mysterious-looking door, he discover an astonishingly huge place called the "Land of the Grave". Warskull is amazed when he see all race of people from this area were skeletons. He also made it to a huge castle which is located at the middle of the Land of the Dead and indeed became the ruler of this place.

True Pacifist Route

At Snowdin, Warskull came to Papyrus and Sans's house for a visit while he's unaware that Needleteeth is at the top of the roof sleeping. While having a chat with the two skeleton brothers about a tragic past of Needleteeth's death and how Warskull became corrupted but redeemed after the protagonist spared him, Sans told Warskull that Needleteeth is alive when Gaster resurrect him. Warskull is amazed by this wonderful news and would like to call for Needleteeth right now, but refuse to do so because he knew that waking Needleteeth up while he's sleeping will actually tick him off.

Warskull then decide to live inside Papyrus's toolshed to wait for dawn to rise. The next morning, Warskull comes out of the toolshed and saw Needleteeth leaping down from the house's roof and lets out a huge yawn. Warskull is surprised indeed. Now, once they saw one another, both brothers run and embrace each other happily.




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In Battle


  • HP - 1100
  • AT - 30
  • DEF - 50

  • HP - 6666
  • AT - 66
  • DEF - 66



  • Oh I see. You're a part of the human race, aren't you?
  • Don't you realize what really happened during war between two races years ago?
  • One human kill my brother Needletooth. The one I revive him few years ago while he's just a regular gargoyle after I revive other gargoyles as my guards.
  • I defiantly don't know which human really killed him... But...
  • I have waited for some human to arrive in my kingdom, so I can kill one to avenge my brother's death.


  • Come back when you're stronger enough! [Flee]
  • Any one, and including you, will never dare slay the immortal one! [Fight 1#]
  • Ha! I'm stronger than you are. Take this! [Fight 2#]
  • Just give up. [Fight 3#]
  • Heh heh heh... I said give up! [Fight 4#]
  • You think you're able to defeat me? Well take THIS! [Fight 5# before using the eyeball beam attack]
  • No one can resist my one powerful eye! [Fight 6#]
  • Argh! Uh... Okay... That's enough... [Fight 7#]
  • Phew... Please stop... [Fight 8#]
  • Oh the pain... The pain... [Fight 9#]
  • How... How did you beat me like that? What's that a trick? | That... That's impossible... | I-I thought I was immortal first... But I'm totally wrong... | Urgh... I'm dying... | Oh, brother... I hope I'll see you in afterlife once I'm dead... | Worry not... My dear brother... | I'll be glad to see you again once I get to life after death..... [Death after Fight 10#]
  • Begging me for mercy doesn't help your situation. [Spare 1#]
  • Fight, or perish! [Spare 2#]
  • Battle me, and you may live! [Spare 3#]
  • ... [Spare 4#]
  • ...? [Stops fighting after Spare 5#]
  • ... Hm? [Spare 6#]
  • Why are you so nice to me? I don't understand... [Spare 7#]
  • Sigh... [Spare 8#]
  • Uh... Well... [Spare 9#]
  • Alright. I realize that you refuse to fight me. Come hither. I grant you a key to the Underground's entrance. I want to thank you very much for showing mercy to me like a sweet, gentle, nice person. Off you go! [Spare 10#]

Flavor Text

  • Warskull blocks your way! [Encounter]
  • It looks like Warskull wants to slaughter a human to avenge his brother's death. [Check]
  • You try to talk with Warskull, but you can't think of any good conversations. [Talk]
  • You try to talk with Warskull for a second time, but you still can't thought up a very good conversation. [Talk]


  • Surprised? I'm already back from the dead, thanks to Gaster's resurrection power. | I'm here to be in charge to guard the King's entrance to prevent anyone from entering his castle. | And so... You really want to meet the King, don't you? | Although... You must deal with me first! [Upon meeting Warskull at the entrance of King Asgore's castle.]


  • My old self isn't too good to use any weak powers which none of these match for you... | ... So I'm transforming myself into the THING that nobody can stop my absolute supreme power! [Before transformation and battle]
  • Behold! The UNLIMITED POWER FROM HELL! [Transforming before the battle]

Flavor Text

  • Warskull defends the castle's entrance! [Encounter]
  • The beast has risen from the underworld... Much powerful than any strong monsters around. [Check]

More quotes coming soon...


Battle Themes


"Skull Beast" (Genocide Route only)


Inside Warskull's castle.

Note that Warskull will stop playing the organ when he notice the player.


AU Forms


In ScienceTale, Warskull works in his own lab class as a re-animating scientist. He does a lot of yet chilling experiments such as combining dead human, animal, and monster parts into hybrids and re-animate them to life.






  • His name is a portmanteau of warlock and skull.
  • His appearance bear slight resemblances to the Horned King from The Black Cauldron of the The Chronicles of Prydain series and The Lich from the Adventure Time series.
  • Warskull has an interest in pipe organs. After sparing Warskull, if the protagonist goes back to his throne room, he can be seen playing his pipe organ. When speaking to him while playing, the text reads "No response. Warskull seems too busy playing his pipe organ."
    • Surprisingly, the organ's music is actually Davy Jone's theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Warskull's beast/dragon hybrid form's battle stats from the Genocide Route is a reference to the Number of the Beast; 666.
  • Like other skeletons, he speaks in the font called "Warlock". Despite the name of his font, his name is actually Warskull, not Warlock. Even though, the word warlock is still a part for his portmanteau name, along with the word skull as suggested by his skeletal appearance.
  • Warskull's older version (as shown from the gallery above) look wider and fatter. His horns are noticeably bigger.
    • From the original draft, Warskull was suppose to guard one of the three parts of the "Krystal Talisman" known as the "Krystal of Wisdom". This idea was ultimately scrapped.
  • When attempting to name the fallen human "Warsk", the response becomes "That's not my name, is it?" and allow the name to be used.


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