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- Shop Theme.

- Battle Theme.

- Song that might play if you fight Wendy.

Wendy is an OC of ArachnoGia.
"Hey Kid, wanna buy something? Oh don't worry I don't bite... yet."
―Wendy introducing themselves.

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Born in Snowdin Wendy was always the carefree, slacking and sassy character of the village always seeming to be not too moved when something big happened she always had a knack of disappearing and reappearing at random times to which she eventually became a Shopkeeper from the outskirts of the town where she'd wait for the odd customer to visit.

She's also got an odd sense of humour always joking on how she eats a lot she jests on how she would eat people if they weren't too careful she's always one to make someone feel odd but welcome to buy her stuff, when she's not selling anything she's seen on her post tapping her fingers in wait with usually a grin or a frown on her face depending on the situation

Eventually when the Human fell into the Underground she wasn't so shaken on the subject with resuming to what she does best at selling items with intentions of making a friend, but she's not only seen in Snowdin she also appears in

Though she may not look like your average Wendigo, there's much more to this monster than meets the eye combined with her unpredictable tendency to appear out of nowhere it seems she's who's quite unique with her traits.


Wendy has Beau Blue skin with Patone Blue iris in her also white eyes whenever she's conflicted or threatened the iris narrow into a violet color, combined with white shining teeth, combined with her snowy hair, Gray shirt with white-collars on the sleeves, bottom and neck with a set of black jeans although she doesn't wear anything shoe-wise wearing nothing on her feet.

She's rather tall for a monster of her finesse out-sizing most in Snowdin with Papyrus being close behind but underneath her clothing she's really slim and skinny almost like she's a skeleton underneath with her hind legs being similar to that of a deer with clawed feet underneath.


  • Snowdrakes (Long-Time Friends)
  • Papyrus
  • Monster Kid
  • Sans
  • Gyfrot (Seems to have relation to)
  • Human


  • Anyone outside of Hotland and Waterfall
  • Grillby (Usually Eats at his)
  • Undyne (Only heard stories of her and not face, to face)
  • Cecil (Like Undyne)

In Battle


Wendy In Battle

(Genocide Only)

  • "How now, where do you think you're going? Didn't notice me the entire time? Well then, I've got something to ask you before you make a visit to the King... do you think this is just a game to you? Because if it is... ..It's time to play rough." [Pre-Battle]
  • "It's a great day to play catch huh? Not a single cloud in the sky. Well, take it from me... it's a great day for REVOLUTION. Huh... that was anticlimactic even for a powerful attack.
    • "Well then, fair game I suppose." [Taunt]
  • "What's the matter items not working, that'll be my doing right there." [If player selects Items]
  • "What, were you expecting something a little higher?" [Damage 1.]
  • "I don't exactly know what's going on here but from the moment I felt your presence I felt something..." [Damage 2.]
  • "I felt something terrifying as if someone had been killed... maybe my hunch wasn't far off." [Damage 3.]
  • "And somehow feeling it in my antlers, I feel we've done this before." [Damage 4.]
  • "It's like we were in a hallway just like this one with everything on repeat..." [Damage 5.]
  • "You know, I think it's slowly starting to piece together, how every tomorrow is just like today, on repeat until someone gets bored with the scenery, then we do it all over again." [Damage 6.]
  • "I don't know why but something tells me that it's YOUR doing isn't it?" [Damage 7.]
  • "Well probably just instinct but I won't let you get through either way." [Damage 8.]
  • "Say for someone like you you're pretty tough, like you're almost destined to win." [Damage 9.]
  • "Like me trying to stop you is almost inevitable, Is it fate? or is it just sheer dumb luck? who knows?" [Damage 10.]
  • "Because at the end of the day it'll all happen again won't it?" [Damage 11.]
  • "Well, who knew it was this strenuous to fight?" [Damage 12.]
  • "After all, I am just built for selling nothing else... but at the same time I don't want to stop." [Damage 13.]
  • "It's as if I don't stop now everything will be gone, so with that I NEED to stop you." [Damage 14.]
  • "That being said, I wonder how longer YOU can keep up." [Damage 15.]
  • "Because if you push someone like me any further... I'm going to have to use an infamous Special Attack."[Damage 16.]
  • "What's that? It sounds familiar, well what a shame I knew I wasn't the only one." [Damage 17.]
  • "Seesh, you really like throwing that thing around don't you, kinda like someone else I know." [Damage 18.]
  • "But that someone else I know probably isn't here any more is she alongside everyone else I presume, I guess that's what drives all humans doesn't it? Oh well, here goes nothing, here comes my Special Attack." [Damage 19.]
  • "Guh... well that's my special attack and you're still standing, I'm impressed to see you're still standing... well, I gave it my all I guess I proved myself to say the least... Come to think of it maybe it is inevitable after all, besides I'm simply an enemy ready to be struck down in the end... You really are something aren't you, it's like something keeps you going, something that keeps you determined... Well I won't stand in your way for it, I shall take my leave you won't get in my way and I won't get in your way seems fair, I guess at the end of the day if there even is one... it's just fate... Well see ya later kiddo.
  • "Wha-" [Hit 20.]
    • "Eh-" [Hit 21.]
      • "That was way too clo-" [Hit 22. before killing off]
  • "Hrrgh... Guh... well, I knew it was inevitable in the end... Word of.. advice kid take it from me...'re better off like the rest." [Before dying]

Flavour Text

  • You feel a chill down your spine. [Encounter]
  • You tell Wendy that everyone is gone because of your actions... you felt you shouldn't have done that. [Taunt]
  • Seems like a nice change of scenery for once...[Idle]
  • Wendy's eyes narrow. [Idle]
  • It seems bad isn't going to describe the outcome of this battle. [Idle]
  • In my way. [Idle Second Phase]
  • Wendy is readying herself. [Idle Second Phase]
  • Wendy is standing there... doing nothing. [Before Special



  • HP: 100
  • ATK: 50
  • DEF: 80
  • Gold on Drop: 0
  • EXP on Drop: Enough to get you to LV. 20
  • ACTS: Check, Taunt


(Genocide Only)
"What's the matter? Expected someone else, well then I guess that makes two of us huh?"
―Wendy before fighting the Human in the Final Corridor.
She can only encountered when Genocide/No Mercy Run has been completed twice and when you begin your third No Mercy run at the Final Corridor your Storage Box will be missing from the beginning of the hallway with only the Determination being present when walking down to the double pillar where Sans usually resides it turns out Wendy is actually BEHIND the Human as if they were following them.

Sharing a few words with one another and the fight will begin.


  • Violet SOUL Mode

This SOUL is owned by Wendy, In this mode it is inaccessible heal from your injuries by using items or swap out other equipment and the hit box for the SOUL is significantly larger making you a more easy target to hit making it an overall more balanced fight.

But at the same time the SOUL takes enough invincibility time as a monster takes damage to make the battle more fair for both the enemy and the player.

  • Endurance

Wendy due to her high DEF has the power to "Endure" attacks with every 1000 Damage turning into 5 Due to her low HP, this lasts a couple of goes until the end of the battle it wears off.

  • Wendy Maker

These floating Deer Skulls work similarly like Gaster Blasters but they seem to last longer with their blast and move Horizontally and Vertically around the bullet box trying to home in or trap the SOUL but don't deal chip-damage like their counter-parts.

They also fire around a larger Bullet Board with yet again longer lasting blast time making them try and block the SOUL from escaping.

  • Antlers

Antlers come spinning into the Bullet Box that try to home in on the SOUL similar to Froggit's Flies. They also act like impaling weapons that spurt out of the sides of the box trying to stab the SOUL though with their patterned shape they can be avoided at the right time due to the safe spots.

With their mechanic they work similarly to bones with coming in blue and orange colours as well, but they deal much more or less damage depending on the size.

  • Box Move

Wendy has the ability to move the bullet-box each-way when she moves the palm of her hand which can move to the far left of the screen or far right, even up or down which can be dangerous seeing as she can summon antlers waiting to impale the SOUL when the box get slammed to the side.

  • Claw Slash

Extending her claws, Wendy's arms snake to each side of the box ready to slash at the SOUL in either direction, they move at lightning speeds and can take away quite a bit of HP if not careful. Luckily there's a quick warning sign of when they're going to strike so it's pretty easy once it's gotten the hang of.

They can also come in Blue and Orange forms for more challenge.

  • Appear

Wendy disappears leaving only the large Bullet-Box visible to tell she's in a certain location her Violet eye will glow indicating that's the position she's about to strike resulting in a quick charge towards The SOUL, they can be avoided if timed right and become quicker every turn.

  • Skull Smash

A Deer head will take form of the Bullet Box and try to gnash down at the SOUL whist spinning like Lemon Bread there is an opening to go into but it's only accessible for a shorter amount of time before it opens it's jaws again.

  • Special Attack

Wendy reveals her special attack and flings the box far away from her whilst moving the Bullet Board will protrude anters that will try to jab the soul, these however can be dodged. Upon the box hitting the side of the screen Wendy will be waiting and so will an array of deer antlers this is repeated in most directions before a large Wendy Maker flies in and blasts the entire box with due to game mechanic dropping it to 1HP.

At the end of the battle, Wendy will stand there unsure of what to do next seeing as they'll just win anyway she decides to slowly move away from the screen in hopes of not getting killed until like Sans fate the Player presses the Fight button with Wendy's guard down she goes down immediately.


Balanced Scale

A Scale that causes devastating damage needs to be timed right with it's two shots or else the damage it deals isn't too powerful, needs to be timed carefully.

  • +20 ATK
  • -5 ATK (If not timed perfectly)

Limited Defense

A Piece of Armor that is durable enough to last a couple of battles but as time passes it soon goes blunt lessening in defense each battle so only use it if needed.

  • +20 DEF
  • -0.5 DEF (Every battle, ultimately drops to +5 DEF)


  • As it implies she's based off the Mythical creature known as the Wendigo.
    • Her jokes and eating habit resolve around the Wendigo's cannibalistic instinct and need to eat which she jests about.
  • Unlike Sans she doesn't fully know about timelines and is only vaguely reminded that they exist.
  • For her SOUL color she sells the Balanced Scale and Limited Defense in her shop.
  • Her Violet Soul mode is based around Fairness due to the whole fight being on equal terms.
    • Winning the Ball Game in Snowdin will get a Violet flag that reads: "You tried your best to get through "Ball" and in the end you got it in fair and square."
  • She can smile or frown if she wants to.
  • It seems she can teleport in some kind of way due to her "Disappearing and Reappearing".
  • Wendy's a one-off boss and will only appear the third time playing a Genocide Route.
  • It is rumoured Sans personality seemed to rub off on Wendy.
  • Her favourite food item in the Underground is MTT-Brand Steak.
    • Second to none are what she gets at Grillby's.
  • She seems to have some relation to Gyfrot and the Snowdrake family.
  • Wendy's favourite colour is in the White-Spectrum.
  • She can somehow fit her antlers into doors of houses.
  • Wendy is somewhat an insomniac.
    • This explains why she always appears drowsy and slow-paced when she's at her stand.
  • Wendy's favorite music is Folk or Jazz.

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