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Part 1

There was a disturbance on the surface. Most monsters had become angered by the humans, and an extremist group of monsters decided to kill an important member of human society. Their death led to a great war.

The humans, outraged by this act of treason, declared war on the monsters. Very quickly after doing so, they started an entire network of alliances and agreements. This network was known as the Human Entente.  Many battles were done in this state and it was clear the monsters stood no chance against the humans and their allies. After quite some time of this, and the monsters barely able to defend attacks, they made their own alliances - with the Demons and the Gravespawn. This alliance came to be known as the Monster Powers.

Any remaining neutral groups of Humans joined the war a little later, and even with their new allies the monsters still stood no chance. They, along with the Demons and Gravespawn, were sealed Underground with a magical spell. Soon after, King Asgore himself died out of shame for his race. He couldn't bare to see them in such a defeated state, and so passed on without another word. 

In between the parts

With Asgore dead, the monsters fell apart. They formed many different factions such as the Soviet States of Snowdin (S.S.S for short). Queen Toriel had failed to hold the monsters together, but continued to lead those that still wished to follow her.

The Gravespawn tribes had at first grown much more distant than before, until they saw this loss as a symbol that they must unify, and so they did. They set out to rebuild military strength and find a new leader. They lost many rulers until they found a powerful war hero who was willing to lead them.

The Demons suffered perhaps the worst fate of the Monster Powers. They had put all their resources into the war and were left utterly devastated by the loss. There was a country in depression, a nation in despair... And Father seeking reasons everywhere. The Demons changed much under their new leader... The Third Richt.


Part 1

  • Monster Kingdom
  • Demon Empire
  • Gravespawn Empire
  • The several human nations

Part 2

  • S.S.S
  • Hotlands
  • Waterphillines
  • United RUINS
  • United States of New Home
  • Republic of The CORE


  • You may add both OCs and races obviously with the owners permission
  • An OC or race must not be CfD etc.
  • You can provide a race with it's own government a name for Part 2 ONLY, because they'll be part of the Monster Kingdom in part 1.
  • An OC submission must include their name, nation, position/rank, details about them, and their backstory (only a small amount).
  • A race submission must include their status after the war, their allies and other relations, and their leader.
  • To show you read the rules, in your submission put "This is war".
  • To apply you can ask in chat, or on one of our walls.

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