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"Hey! Don't look so down! Us Omegas can cheer you up! Unlike some other... Classes."


Xenelayte is an Omega class Agarif monster with orange scales. He had the common life with most other Agarifs, but he is the most optimistic monster in the government, but can know when to get serious and loyal. When he was one of the adventurous Agarifs, he hasn't been interactive much with other Agarifs, making his memory of his religion and the enemy, Ulder's existence, hard to remember. But he will be very trustworthy to other Agarifs, even if they are part of Ulder. But that would change as he knows their dangerous habitat. Because of this, he's slightly neglected by more stronger classes.

While others would eat just little of the poisonous Frost Flower, Xenelayte will go to new heights to not eat the flowers, even if it had tasted deliciously sweet to him. Xenelayte in battle isn't exactly confident if he could win or not, which may result in him running away, or attacking poorly, but even with just one other, Agarif or not, he's confident.


This part will only include OCs, as using Canon characters usually fail.

Emily - ZeroByteS

Upon meeting in Waterfall, Emily uses his forgetfulness and personality to be friends with Xenelayte. Even Ulder takes note of how she manipulates him for a friend. Just because she was lonely. However, when Xenelayte went back to the hive, he was given information to who Ulder is, and how Emily is dangerous. Some confrontation happens, and this is where he needs to hide his relationship with Emily, because he doesn't want to leave anyone. And has... ALREADY got them shipped. ...Not even a day.

This will update during RPS.


Pacifist & Nuetral

  • HP: 500
  • AT: 45
  • DF: 30
  • EXP On Kill: 80
  • Gold on Win: 50


  • HP: 500
  • AT: 50
  • DF: 30
  • EXP On Kill: 100
  • Gold on Win: 100


Xenelayte only has two attacks; Scratch and Fire Attack. Scratch is easy to understand, he can violently scratch the player's body. Fire Attack is slightly more rare, as Agarifs are prone to fainting from it, so Xenelayte uses it sparingly.


  • Check
  • Talk
  • Mimic
  • Threat (Genocide)



Xenelayte - AT: 45 (Genocide: 50) DF: 30

He doesn't seem THAT strong.


You made up a conversation starter.

"Um, no, I don't hate you."

"What do YOU think?" (Genocide)


You lean forward and stare back with the exact same expression.

"Heh, uh... Is there a point to this?"

"Are you MOCKING me?" (Genocide)


You threat Xenelayte.

He wants to raise his STATS, but there's something stopping him.

"Whatever! I'll scratch ur stupid face!"

Flavor Text

  • Xenelayte wants to battle?
  • He seems confident so far.
  • Smells like honey.
  • He looks nervous now.
  • He's regretting to fight.
  • He's about to run away.
  • He's so dead. (Genocide)


  • Xenelayte's wings are only used to express emotions, because he can't even fly, while others can for a short time.
  • In fact, he couldn't keep his wings straight to glide.
  • He can easily gets bored and will do simple things like draw in the snow or run.
  • I want to give my entire appreciation to ZeroByteS for permission to use his species, create Xenelayte's name, and helping me during brainstorming.
  • We used three of Michael's personality traits to make Xenelayte, even using one for the chosen species.
  • Anything that is in food that uses chemicals, or substances from the Frost Flower he will detest eating it.
  • Despite the Agarif Standard age of 21, Xenelayte has a youthful mind and respects the things around him.
  • Despite his optimistical setting, Xenelayte has been declared as 'not a mary sue' and 'unique', which he finds perfectly fine.
  • Michael had given Xenelayte a top hat at one point in Waterfall. (Inspired by that drawing from TSS.) This is a real 100%% overview of the situation in photorealistic imagery, GONE RIGHT! (Created as a joke by Yossipossi.)


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