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"...I'm going to make a spell even more powerful than the Barrier. Then we'll be free... And everyone will be happy."

Xyla is a Monster resembling a wooden doll (Or perhaps is one) and is one of Bella's personal retainers, along with Seymour. She is a powerful mage but constantly seeks to better herself for the sake of herself and Bella, whom she has sworn to protect no matter what. She has big dreams of breaking the barrier and becoming a hero to all Monsters, but these dreams are constantly shunned by those who think a doll like her can do nothing for the world.


Resembling some sort of wooden doll, Xyla's look rarely changes and her appearance is pretty much set in stone. She has red hair made of wool which is tied into pigtails, and are brightened up by blue bows in said hair. Her eyes look to be painted onto her face, and she never blinks, but the painted irises are both dark green. Using a magic spell, it's possible for her to make her eyes glow in the dark (And by extent, this lets her see in the dark also) but she rarely uses this. It makes her feel like a tool when people force her to use said spell.

Her nose and mouth also appear painted on, but somehow her mouth is capable of moving and thus Xyla is capable of speech. Her lips are very pale in colour and don't appear to have been painted with lipstick in mind, so Xyla is unable to wear any makeup. Not that she cares, she has far more important things to do like making that Super-spell she wants to make. She is bigger than your average doll that goes into a dollhouse, and she can be compared more closely to a teddy bear in size. She often gets carried places by Bella, which is something she downright hates, but for Bella she would really do anything. Her clothing is made out of cheap fabrics, very hard to find decent stuff in her size, it's most likely actually made for teddy bears. Anyway, she wears mostly orange and again rarely changes this since it's actually difficult for her to change clothes. Her shoes are small and red, and have no laces (I mean, not that she even needs them, being made of wood and all). They look like they have straps, rather than the laces most other people have on their shoes.


Xyla is one that distances herself from people a lot. This is not because she doesn't like being around people, far from it, she wants to make as many friends as possible so that when she becomes a hero (Which is part of her dream) they can also be just as famous and popular as she is. No, Xyla distances herself because she's afraid she'll hurt people. As she is a doll brought to life (Or at the very least resembles one), she has no sort of way to create emotions, at all. When others appear to celebrate and be happy, Xyla feels hollow inside and believes her permanent blank expression may even bring others down, so she rarely converses with people other than those she already knows.

She is a great mage and has a very large knowledge of everything magical. She devotes most of her time to studying this magic as to develop her powers even further. People commonly underestimate her due to her size and her appearance, but the magic she casts can be downright devastating. To even further enhance this, since she is not a natural being she has no way of getting tired out. The end result? She can cast these powerful magic spells for as long as she needs to. While she doesn't feel emotions, she wishes she could. Half the time she's studying magic, she's searching for a spell that will make her feel things like other people do. Xyla wants to experience happiness and joy like everyone else can. She wants to know what its like to be sad, she wants to know how much more powerful anger can make her. Deep inside, she even wishes to know what it is like to love. But Xyla is unable to do any of those things, and constantly has a blank expression on her face. Her voice is as emotionless as her face is, she speaks clearly and almost robotically.

Xyla has a dream, like many other people do. Her dream is to break the Barrier and allow Monsters to roam on the surface once more. This is exactly why she spends all of her time studying magic. Along with wanting to feel things, she wants to prove everyone who ever doubted her wrong. She wants to break the Barrier herself, and be labled as a Hero to everyone in the Underground. Xyla believes that if she is able to do that, maybe she'll finally experience what it's like to be happy. Of course, it's impossible she'll ever break this Barrier, that she knows, but hope is all she has. It is perhaps the one emotion she has at all, if it can be considered that, and is a very precious thing to her.

As one of Bella's two retainers, Xyla is extremely dedicated to her. Whenever she's not studying more magic, she is off protecting Bella from any harm that may come her way. Bella is one of the few friends she actually has (Seymour and Sherlang En being the others) and she would do anything to protect her. It is her job to do so, after all. Though Bella is a member of the Royal Guard, unlike Seymour Xyla doesn't feel any sort of annoyance whenever Bella stays home instead of going out on patrol. This only gives her more time to attend to her much important studies, something she is grateful for.


Xyla's past is one shrouded in mystery, a lot of mystery. Not even to Bella has she told of her early life, if she even had one. A common theory is that she was a doll that once belonged to a Human, eventually thrown into the Underground with the rest of the trash in Waterfall. She was given life by a magic spell, yet this spell left her unable to feel emotions like other living things, since she was never really one to begin with. She travelled through the Underground from then on. This probably isn't true, though, it doesn't explain much about where she came from or her desire to learn magic.

In any case, she eventually came across Bella, who noticed her magical prowess. The two hit it off surprisingly well and Xyla stayed by Bella's side for a while. Eventually she resumed her travels but was seeked out by Bella and Seymour. The two had grown to enjoy Xyla's company and being without her was strange to the both of them. Xyla wasn't sure what they meant, until Bella asked her to become one of her personal retainers. If Xyla could feel emotion, it may have been the best day of her life. She accepted the offer, and became Bella's second retainer. Along with that, she was granted shelter inside Bella's home in... New Home.

Her magical studies continued uninterrupted for the most part, now with the addition of food and shelter and a storage facility to place her many books. It worked out great for Xyla and not once has she regretted her decision of becoming Bella's retainer. Whenever Bella goes out on patrols for the Royal Guard, Xyla is not too far behind. She is constantly reading her books to learn more about the wonder that is magic, but if Bella happens to be in danger there's no telling what Xyla will do to her attacker...


Xyla stayed by Bella's side for as long as she possibly could. Her close ally, Sherlang En, eventually developed romantic feelings for her - And she severely wished she could love him back. Not too long after, Xyla's wooden doll body was found completely lifeless. Whatever magic had caused her to live had run dry.


HP - 1,000

ATK - 45

DEF - 3

Xyla is the definition of a glass cannon. She is always fought alongside Bella and Seymour, boosting the danger of her even higher. She utilises her powerful magic to dispell any who dare try to hurt Bella and her lack of emotion means she's ruthless in combat. Her ruthlessness is sometimes too much, and she has to be stopped by Bella and Seymour before she can kill anybody.


  • Even though not much is known of her backstory, it really isn't all that important. She's no legendary hero, she's no reincarnation of a God. She's really just some Monster that happens to look like a wooden doll (Or maybe she is one, we still don't know).

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