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"Many individuals seek my death. They claim it is justice, but yet the only one to know the truth is I. All I retain is the wind by my side."

The Mechanical Owl, now known as Yasuowl, is a robotic owl who seeks to clear his name from the wanted list of everyone. He has done no wrong, and yet is framed for the murder of his supposed sister, The Mechanical Tiger. He currently resides in the area between Waterfall and Hotland, watching over those who pass without interfering.


Yasuowl resembles... Well, an owl. Though he is truly robotic he has feathers on his body to hide his true nature. On his head, a tuft of black feathers sits, resembling a ponytail of sorts. The rest of his body is covered in blue feathers. The blue feathers increase in number around his neck to the point that his beak is usually not visible. When it is, its seen that it is the only thing on his body to even hint to his mechanical nature - as it is silver unlike the rest of his body. On his side rests a unique little sword, designed so that he can wield it even with his wings.

He does have a few design features still from Katherine's original intention of his creation. If you search for long enough under his blue feathers you'll find a keypad, and entering a special passcode there will deactivate Yasuowl. Entering the passcode again will obviously reactivate the Owl. His face is said to be one of his most vulnerable points, so he has some sort of mask that falls over it if he feels threatened. The mask contrasts the rest of his body as it has some sort of red visor that he can see through, but gives fairly decent protections when its worn.


Yasuowl, despite having gone rogue, is as calculating as ever. He takes every possible outcome into account before doing anything and though he sometimes fails in recognising rather obvious things (A major flaw in his coding that Katherine intended to fix before he disappeared), his plans usually work out in the end. He is, however, far less probable to follow any order given to him. His time away from Katherine seems to have given him some sort of self-will and will only follow commands from those who he considers superiour to him (And even at that, very few people have earned such a privilege). He likes talking in riddles to confuse new people in an attempt to stray them away from talking to him, but this sometimes works against him for people who can actually solve said riddles.

He plays various instruments, all of which he keeps in his little hut. The harmonica is what he is most skilled in, but he has dabbled in various other kinds of instruments, mainly those of the woodwind group since his wings render him unable to play anything else with efficiency. In any case, playing music is one of the things that gets him through any free time he has and he thoroughly enjoys it if other people join in. Sadly, his nature of fending off newcomers means he knows very little people who even attempt to play music with him.

Have I mentioned he's a ninja? That's pretty important. He is skilled with the blade specially designed for him and using the power of the wind in conjunction means people know not to mess with the Mechanical Owl. He doesn't like the concept of fighting unless it is for a good reason and as generic as it may sound, his reason for fighting is to actually avenge the death of his sister. While he doesn't know who exactly her killer is (And if he even went to the Underland to do some investigating he'd probably be captured) he is still determined to find whoever it was and bring them to justice, both for Tiger's legacy and for himself.

His previous intelligence granted by unlimited access to Katherine's databases has declined after he left the Underland. Though he now has little more knowledge than the average resident of the Underground, Yasuowl still talks in a rather complicated way (Apparently it's not even possible for him to change that) and retains his noteworthy skill in analysis.


Yasuowl was the second (Or technically third) robot built by Katherine, after the great success that was The Mechanical Tiger. Seeking to make a robot that would suit her needs rather than the needs of other Demons, Katherine made Owl intending him to be little more than a tool. As such, she never gave him the same free will that Tiger had, nor did she give him any real personality. He served many jobs for the cat: A "living" calculator, a messenger, even helping with her experiments whenever she needed him to. Though she loved Tiger and Owl equally, Tiger noted that Katherine tended to spend more time with her "brother" rather than herself, and she grew jealous as a result. After confronting him about it and receiving no answer, Tiger was sure that Owl was taunting her. The two never really talked after that, but if Owl had any sort of emotion at that time he would have still respected her either way. Not much changed for a very long time, even with the Richt's takeover of the Underland. Owl was considered a worthy ally to the Third Richt and Katherine wasn't forced to change anything about him (Except for installing something about Anti-Smurf, but according to Father that was simply anti-virus software).

Some sort of feud broke out between Tiger and a crazy fan one eventful night. She was able to call Katherine to ask for assistance, but Owl happened to take the call. As fast as he could, he flew to help the one he called sister, but he was too late. Tiger had been destroyed mere moments after Owl arrived. And just in the nick of time arrived the Jestafo to the scene, seeing the Owl standing over Tiger's destroyed remains. Of course, they didn't dare listen to reason and Owl was declared "Hacked by Smurfs" on the spot. He was forced to flee the Underland, leaving the range of Katherine's database on, well... Everything. This destroyed the pseudo-encyclopedia he had and was left to fend for himself in the Underground.

He took up collecting feathers for a living and stuck them to himself as a disguise. Though it was a strange passtime, it actually worked and very few people recognise him, as obvious as it might be. He trained under the guide of a wise master for a brief period of time, but this time was enough for him to undergo a transformation. No longer was he The Mechanical Owl, he now had his own identity. He chose the name of Yasuowl and set up a hut in between Waterfall and Hotland, up on the cliffside. This was a place not many chose to go, so the chances of him being recognised were even slimmer. Yasuowl continued to train, without his original master's help. In time, he became a decently powerful warrior and would be able to defend himself if anyone dared try falsely accuse him of Tiger's murder.


Yasuowl was never forgiven for the false crimes he committed. When the Barrier was broken, he entered the Surface world and hoped to start anew thanks to the leaving of the Glie. His abilities proved useful in starting a new life for himself - and quickly ending those belonging to others.


HP - 2,000

ATK - 25

DEF - 10 (15 with mask)

Though he is incredibly frail, Owl is still pretty powerful. Utilizing the wind along with several sword strikes, he can defeat some slower opponents before they even have the chance to react.


  • Yasuowl was originally intended to be a very different character. Under the guise stated in his backstory, he would have been The Mechanical Owl and little more than a tool for Katherine's use.

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