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Zorion has an oddly shaped skull-like head, that is similar to a dog and a dragon combined. His scales are light grey, and has a white belly area. He wears a necklace made of bones around his neck, with a small dragon-like skull in the middle. On the tip of his tail sits a skull and leaves around it. Zorion has four digit fore claws and three digit hind claws. Zorion typically carries a wooden staff.

Zorion is a normally friendly, which is strange for Zetas. Typically, he is shy but is aggressive towards other Agarifs, but stays away from other Zetas. Zorion is especially afraid of Reflath and Ulder. He has a love for magic, and performs it in his hut in the Ruins.


At a very young age, Zorion had been smaller than most. He was told by an Agarif who felt sympathy for him to leave the Hive. At first, he was confused, but soon found out his parents were planning to give him up for adoption.

As soon as he figured out, Zorion ran out the Hive without a thought, and grew up in the Ruins ever since. Zorion became an outcast to Agarifs, but he vows to never return.



  • TBA


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  • Toriel


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  • HP: 8000
  • AT: 30
  • DF: 30


Check, Flirt, Talk, Wave

To win in Pacifist/Neutral route, you need to survive until Zorion runs out of energy.




"Are you the one making friends with everyone?"

"Well, I'm not an extrovert."

"So stay away."


"Begone with you."

"Fight me or run away!"

"Psh! What do you mean you want to be friends?!"

"Go away!"



"You're really tiring me out."

"How is this friendly at all?"

"Wait, wait. Timeout..." [Stops attacking]

"I need a break."

"I ran out of energy..."


"...I'm starving... Metaphorically."

"Do you have food?"

"What? I thought humans had stomachs!" [If you have no food.]

"..." [Have food but don't give]

"This doesn't look edible." [Try to give non-food item]

"Thanks." [For most food items]

"...huh..?" [Give a hotdog?]




  • TBA


Thanks to ZeroByteS for allowing me to make this OC.

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